Sanford-Brown College-Mendota Heights Top Questions

What should every freshman at your school know before they start?


Through my college experience, I have been given the chance for growth- personal, emotional, intellectual, educational and physical growth. Education is the foundation upon which the rest of my life will be built. A strong foundation is required so that I may give a helping hand to human and animal-kind. We fight for these scholarships to pay for an education that cannot hold a monetary value. I know that my education will only be as successful as I am. I know that my foundation will only become a strong sturdy house if I put forth the effort and take the time to measure twice. My education is my foundation, but what I do with it, well, that is the whole house.


While attending Brown College, I learned how to stick up for what I believe and never to stop fighting for what I deserve. You have to fight for your education at Brown. As long as you can pay for your tuition, they will hand you an acceptance letter and your degree, practically at the same time. Unless you work hard to really learn and understand the material, that degree will be completely worthless in the real world. Luckily for me, I learned this before it was too late. Regardless, I am back in school working toward a degree that will get me places from a school that people respect. In the end, I'm $72,000 in the red, but I did learn something. You need to work for what you want in life, and the harder you work, the more you succeed. This, I will use for the rest of my life.


Here at Brown College, I have learned a lot about confidence in myself. We do a lot of critiques of our work, and you learn to have a tough skin, to not take personally things said about you. I have learned to promote my work, and to strive for excellence in all my photos. I have learned a lot about photography with hands-on projects, and I now feel adequate to go into the work force and take pictures in any field of photography.


I have gotten numerous friends, supporters, and people to network with on my rollercoaster ride through college; from them I have learned so much about life and how to carry on. My education in criminal justice is also another big piece of the pie that I have gotten out of college; I enjoy where it has gotten me and cannot wait to take things further. What I have gotten out of college is very self-fulfilling and only makes me want to strive for more.


Slow down, Drew. Just take your time. At every stage in life, our world is obsessed with planning and living for the future. I know you want to break free from that, to go in a direction that says "I'm different, I'm unique, I can do whatever I want". It's true, you can. But right now, you can't live in the moment. You need resources. You need advice. You need to be patient. I know you think you're right, but you're wrong, and that's ok. Remember how you told grandpa that you wish you could just do what made you happy without always feeling pressure to succeed, stand out, and live up to the expectations of everyone around you? That's what you need right now. You need to find that, and you need to DO that. Be spontaneous, take a chance. But be responsible! That's the key. You've got the talent, the creativity, the insight, and that crazy ability to make people love you. Just combine that with informed, confident decisions! Listen, you're still young. Time is on your side. The road ahead has plenty of curves. Buckle up...


I think I would have told myself to broaden my horizans, and know that money is not everything. The reason I say this is right out of high school I went Minnesota State University Moorhead with the idea that they were all I could afford. After a year there, that I do not regret, I transferred to Brown College, hence broadening my horizans. I realized just because the school is a little more money shouldn't stop me, it could lead to a better education and then a better job in my career field. You never know what you could miss out on if you don't take the chances in the first place!


I would tell myself not to rush into choosing a college. Visit many colleges where you want to attend, making sure that the school has everything you?re looking for. I would tell myself not to let other people effect where I really want to go to school, and to trust my instinct and go where I feel I can achieve everything I'm working for. I would also say learn everything you can while still in high school and to stop procrastinating because that can and probably will hurt you in the future. I?d say, smile, this won?t kill you. And to remember the only stupid questions are the ones unasked.


I would tell myself to look at all of my options, and apply everywhere! You can never have to many options! I would also tell myself that I know what I need to become and to find a school that is going to best help me reach my goals and have a bright future. Also I would tell myself to tour the school undercover and ask any and all students what they think before chosing a school. And last but not least I would tell myself to take a chance and challenge myself because I now know that I can do anything I put my mind to!

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