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What should every freshman at your school know before they start?


I know you are having a blast this year and enjoying the beginning of adulthood, I want you to finish out this senior year strong. I want you to bump up your grades as high up as possible. Apply now for as many scholarships as you can. Coming back in time, I have some great advice for you. I want you to work harder for yourself now, because all kinds of free interest and credit cards will be thrown your way. Don’t be so eager to sign up for any and everything; because in a couple years you may be sorry. Just because you are an adult now and you are in control of what you do, don’t start doing backflips. It is now your turn to literally tell yourself what to do, even if you don’t want to do it. School is now just as important as before. Make sure you keep your grades up and get help if you need it. The transition may be a little awkward but I’m trying to make it much smoother.


The choices we make definitely impact are future. We can pick the easy things in life or challenge ourselfs. Although we make mistakes there is one chance we should always take, education. The world is scary but being prepared is crucial. If we go to school and embark on a career we will be ahead of the game. I recently finished my first semester of college and I have no regrets. I have learned so much and have matured more. I have to use my time wisely and learn to make wise decisions. There is no one that is going to hold my hand and walk me through this, I must learn this on my own. Education is important and the times call for it. There are so many things you learn that really expand your knowledge. This has been valuable because I am learning about myself and preparing for the future. It can be scary to start a new school and even scarier to make decisions like deciding on a major. However, I'm glad to be taking these steps because I'm learning so much more and I feel that my life is headed in the right direction.


My seven-year-old daughter picked up an acorn and asked, “What does it taste like?” I challenged her to try it. She did, her mouth puckering, and learned that acorns are bitter and completely unpalatable, even though loved by squirrels. The mystery was solved. Every day for my daughter is a learning experience, and I feel that education is at the core of personal growth at any age. Currently, my time in college has grounded me and yet lifted me off my feet at the same time, as it has given me the basic skills of knowledge as well as diversified and opened my thinking. The more I learn, the more I understand that I am only a part of the equation, a piece of the whole. When my daughter explored an acorn and discovered its offensive taste, she also realized that squirrels must like its bitterness. Like her, my education has helped me to know and appreciate my own perspective but also the opposing perceptions of others, the “squirrels.” Having this broadened horizon has given me a taste of the world’s complexity and an appreciation for the diversity it holds, including my place in it.


So Far The Main Thing That I Have Gotten Out Of My College Experence Besides Education And Experence About Interior Design Is Life Long Friends.


Gollege is great


I started college in 2007 in a much different major; I went into that particular concentration because my parents wanted me to. Their reasons were logical: it can provide me a stable future and insure me a job after I leave higher education. However, I grew to detest college and all the institution stood for. It was after I truly immersed myself in the college experience that I discovered myself and what I wanted out of life that I realized the importance of school, education, and most importantly, pursuing my passions in life. Design and clothing have been two things I have been passionate about for a very long time, so I decided to follow my dreams and go into fashion design, despite the discouragement from my parents. I came to realize that education is the most important facility that can be provided for a person. It nurtures growth of mind, body, and soul. The sciences advance humanity as a whole, but the arts enrich society. Both are needed, and neither can be truly understood without the entire college experience. College allowed me to discover myself as a person.


I have learned that if anything that failure is not always a bad thing. With each failure one must learn to simply pick up the pieces and try, try, again. If anyone was a high school student reading this my best recomendation would be to study as much as you can. What the teachers are teaching is not as important as doing the work. What I have learned is to be dedicated, industrial, and civil. This is not to say what high school teachers have taught is unimportant, on the contrary an individual needs this in their work field. What I mean is that moral values seem to make one a better individual than if they only had an education. I regret that I did not use this in high school, but argued greatly over the need of a good education. A good education can if one is willing to overcome poverty, in many, but not all cases. We should not seek to become rich, but rather gain an education that can help one to have the necessities and not the wants of this world. Indeed this is what I have learned from my college experience.


If I could go back in time and talk to myself as a high school senior I would tell myself to put your work first. Also I would tell myself that a education is a great thing to have and you should futher your education you would make life better in the long run. And education is key to success in life to find a great job that you would want to have and live your life doing somthing you love to do.


Going back in time to be a high school senior I would have told myself that I should have focused more on my grade point average instead of just trying to pass classes to graduate. I got good grades, but could have gotten better if I tried a little harder then what I did. I would have told myself to get motivated into finding a job then so I could save for the application fee, and tutiton for the first year of college, and making myself be a dependent so when I applied for my FASFA I would have had a better chance of getting pell, grants, and more financial aid I wouldn't have to take out all the loans I have out right now. I would have told myself to apply for scholarship early to give myself a much better chance to have my school being paid for.


Well.. considering that I am a dislocated homemaker, I would considered pursuing my passion which is fashion. Those sjills that comes naturally are usually those that will generate income.


If I could go back in time and talk to myself as a high school senior, I would say start applying for colleges before you graduate. I would tell myself to shape up and dont just "get by." I would say research different careers and try to intern and do shadows of some careers that interest you. Try and apply for as many scholarships as you can. You need to work hard and go out there and find the money because its not going to come looking for you. You need to get into school now even if your not sure of what you want to do, your education will take you further than you ever imagine. With a college education the possibilites are endless. The sky's the limit and you need not let your future go to waste. I would say all these things that I have never heard from my mom she was never encouraging and never cared wether I succeeded or not. I would say be great and become a role model to many because you know what it feels like to not have a role model not even one in your own home.


Don't think too much about it...if you do, you'll fail. Just take one day at a time and never give up! NEVER SURRENDER!


Through out my high school years, the words of one of my College Algebra professors haunted me. He mentioned to the class one day that the bad habits you have in high school will follow you through college and in life. If I were to go back to being a senior in high school, I would have advised myself to listen to those words because they became a dark reality for me. I started college and little by little, those nasty habits I had in high school took a hold of me that I began setting aside my priorities for late night parties and hanging out with people that were negative influences on me. I thought back then, 2 years after high school and pondered about the valuable time,money, and achievements I let go to waste because I just did not listen. That reflection of my life made me muster the courage to pursue the education I let linger about during my early college life years. Follwing my teacher's advice was no easy task but I can attest that I have no regrets about his dark words no more because they became the reality I finally put aside.


If I could go back in time and talk to myself as a high school senior, I would tell myself that the college life is not easy. I would advise myself to take life with a grain of salt and jump on the chance to discover other flavors that life has to offer while I had the chance, instead of expecting life, and the opportunities it provides, to come to me. I would tell myself what I now know, something that I've had to earn knowledge of through trial and error. And that is that, nothing in life comes easy. But the things in life that are worth it, are well worth getting up and working, sweating, and bleeding for. They are well worth the hours of lost sleep, and the hand cramps from staying up late studying. It is the choices that we make now that dictate our future. And that future is well worth the sacrifices that must be made in order to excel in college, and furthermore, in life. I would tell myself that college is the spark that ignites the flame of life, and you must work hard to keep that flame from dying.


The very first thing I would do is take that chance to go to dual enrollment to get some college classes out of the way. At the time I did not see it as any importance but now understanding that I passed up a perfect opportunity to get a head, I would do anything to take that choice back; I regret my mistake. Second thing I would do is apply for scholarships way ealier than I did. I did not start searching for scholarships until summer vacation, bad move. Now after I learned that scholarships do not come that easliy and you need to take time looking for them; I would start searching for scholarships at the beginning of my 12th grade year. This action would solve a lot problems I have now. If I had one chance to go back at time to solve these two problems, my college years would be much easier. Thankfully, I made it to where I am now with a strong will and determination.


I would advise myself on the importance of decision making. It is very important to research to better prepare myself on an issue instead of just acting on impulse.


Be preprared to take on ALL the responsibility. You must be able to balancea source of income, education, and a healthy social life. Starting college is going to be the ultimate in introductions to life. Despite the classes you may take in college such as Eng 101. Eco 101 or even Psy 101, college offers the most important class to learn from... LIFE 101