Sanford-Brown College-Orlando Top Questions

What's unique about your campus?


The best thing about my school is we are highly creative and even though we are creative we are dedicated. The students and the faculty are driven to suceed, and the faculty seems to genuinely care about my sucess.


The program I am in, which is Game Production. Reason why is because it was created by the President of EA Games and offers everything I need to know for when I make it into the industry. Sharpening up my art skills, as well skills that were needing improvment, for example: speeches. Another best thing about the school is the instructors. They have experience in the field and teach in a way that you can understand, offer free tutoring if needed, email you back within 24 hours, are understanding, and help you out as much as possible when struggling.


My school is made up of great teachers who will help you achieve in life and reach goal. there has not been a time where I was not supported