Sanford-Brown College-Tampa Top Questions

Describe your favorite campus traditions.


Having a very technology-heavy cirriculum.


Creative Designers


Providing students with the art degrees they want, at any distance. The online programs are amazing and more hands-on than many other online schools.


I'd say that IADT Online is best known for it's ease of use. It is easy to navigate the campus, and all the staff is very helpful and supportive.


My school is best known for providing students with innovative technology and best practices in the industry. Students are able to work at their own pace inv irtual classrooms. Students prepare portfolios before graduating, and they work with instructors who are currently professionals in their respective fields.


Graphic Design and Photography and Web Design


My schoolis best know for its ability to teach students who have an interest in an art form such as fashion design but have no experience with sewing or sketching. They teach you from scratch as if you do not know anything about the field and give you the skills you need to become successful.


Inspiring creative minds


Graphic and Web Design, as well as Fashion Design are tha main directives of this school. The school is not as well known but just as successful as the Art Institute, with alumni and staff accomplishing their career goals and remaining driven during and after school.


My school is best known for their art programs and designing programs.