Sanford-Brown College-Tampa Top Questions

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This school is focused on visual and audio arts. All classes are geared toward real word circumstances and speakers from local businesses are called into give lectures.


I can't really compare IADT to other schools having a Graphic Design Major with one exception and that is the fact that most other colleges offer a BS or AA in Graphics where IADT offers a BFA, BA and BS.


It allows you to be indenpended and make you decisions and create your own shedule.


The unique reason that I chose IADT is because I take all my classes online. I don't have to go to a physical classroom but I can still communicate with the professors and students from my school. My campus is in Forida and I live in Utah. There are online clubs, groups, chats, group projects and more to allow students to interact and get to know each other even though they are far apart. IADT also has great finicial aid, entrance and academic advisors. It was the personal help they gave me that convinced me to attend IADT online.


The teachers here are fresh out of or still working in the same field the students are pursuing. They provide first hand knowledge and experience which can help them answer any and all questions, which is a fantastic benefit to the students.


It is the only one my family found that specificly has a Recording Arts major, and is near our home (in Lakeland). The other schools had sound design, but grouped with another major (such as film). I aspire to do sound design for movies, shows, or video games in the future so this school is perfect for that.


I have had friends who have attended schools similar to the style of mine, but every time they seem somewhat disappointed with their experience. I have never felt this with my school. There are several versions of each lesson so each student can find the one that works best for them. There are several opportunities to work with others in the class. Also, the school is so creatively driven that everyone in attendance, professors and students alike, are passionate and excited about being there. The best part is the freedom to grow into the individual you are meant to be.