Sanford-Brown College-Tampa Top Questions

What do you consider the worst thing about your school? Why?


The worst thing has to be all of the non organized classes. I wish they wentat a pace thats good for each student.




some of the courses they have too me theyre not really needed


nothing. I am satisfied.


the worst thing i would consider about my school is probably the rush of preperation(schedule,loans,etc)


The worst thing about my school is that you can not work on projects at home. It is great that they keep their technology updated but it is very costly to try and keep up the programs from home. Working full-time and attending school an hour away does not benifit when the school does not provide the programs to be used from home as well. If that was provided students would be more productive and provide a higher quality of an ending result than what is rushed into the final product.


The Vending Machine Prices are too expensive!