Sanford-Brown College-Tampa Top Questions

What kind of person should not attend this school?


If you procrastinate a lot this isn't the type of school for you. Online schools require you to be motivated and finish your assignments on time.


Someone who thinks an online university is easier than an traditional university. If you are not expecting to work hard and learn then you should not attend this school.


Those who attend IADT online have to be self motivated. Someone who procrastinates or just floats by would have a hard time here because classes are fast paced and three assignments due the same week will usually cover different material. Most classes have group projects so someone who is not willing to pull their own weight would drag others down. This school is also more expensive for me than attending an in state school on campus so someone who has the flexibility of schedule to allow them to attend classes may not want to go the online route.


This school should be attended by motivated, free-thinking, innovative individuals who possess a creative passion in the areas of design and/or technology. It is not for people who are undecided in their career path or are uninspired to embrace creative processes.