Sanford-Brown College-Tampa Top Questions

What should every freshman at your school know before they start?


I'dtell myself to study hard and pay attention more. Friends come and go but education is forever and truly benefits you.


I would of sat down and figured out what i wanted to do as a career and went straight to college. Instead of being unsure and 30 with no degree yet because i waited til the last minute.


If I could go back and tell my high school self about my future, I would make sure I took some time off before college to work full time and get a better understanding of how to manage both money and responsibility. I feel that I went into college much too soon and I think that if I had given myself to grow up a bit before attending, I wouldn't have made some of the drastic mistakes that I did. I am proud of many of my choices, but I would tell myself that at the end of the day, social life does not matter. It is important to focus on your career and give yourself the chance to grow before taking on too much work.


If I were to go back in time and talk to myself as a senior in high school, I would tell myself, “This is just the beginning! Don’t stop now!” After going through my senior year of high school, I realized that I didn’t push myself to the fullest of my abilities that I knew I could. This started when I transferred from a private school to a public school my junior year in high school. Because I was taking only 4 classes at public school, compared to my 8 at private school, I felt like I could take a step back and relax a little more. Because of this attitude that I developed, my GPA went down. If I could go back in time and talk to myself, I would make sure I understood what was about to happen if I didn’t get my mindset on the correct course and know that this is just the beginning of what is to come.


Don't choose a school just because they have a campus in your area. Online schools are great choices and can provide an excellent education and a reasonable price. The most important thing is to get an education, so whether it can be done at an actual campus or online it doesn't matter.


I would go back and tell myself to be more financially conscience. Being in college means college loans. In order to pay those loans it would have been smart if I had saved more of my money in high school instead of using it all for fun and social time.


I've only attended one semester of college so far and I'm just starting my second. Even with having just completed one semster I've really learned the value of earning a college degree now. Most people see the value of college as getting a successful job and bettering their life in the future. The value of my college experience goes deeper than that. I will be the first person to finish in my family with a 4 year degree. Not only does that make me strive to reach my highest potential but also because I've never seen my parents so happy with me other then when I showed them my first semester of college grades. They can see the determination I have and put into my college experience and how I have no desire to drop out or stop now. Even though college can be quite costly it is worth every penny to see how proud my parents are of me.


Attending FIDM is the best decision I could have ever made. I would have never expected to feel as prepared for my future as I do in my last quarters. Not only have I been provided an incredible education via industry professionals, I have been given practical tools that I will take with me for the rest of my life. The overall student atmosphere is inspiring and encouraging. My classmates are as passionate and driven as I am and we all want one another to succeed. Looking back on my last two years on this campus, I have seen my confidence as a designer and a human being grow insurmountable amounts. I absolutely believe that I can do anything that I want to do. My future is so exciting and I can't wait to combine my focus, creativity, and industry savvy to create for the coming generations. None of this would have been possible had I not been backed by the most supportive college staff one could dream of. This experience and this school is truly invaluable.


So far, I have gotten nothing but support and and hands on training from my teachers and administers. Everybody is very encouraging and helpful in more ways than one. If it wasn't for the this school being so helpful to me, I wouldn't be in school today. This has helped me get a jumb start on my career in Culinary Arts and I'm loving every minute of it.


The most important things I have gotten from my college experience are knowledge and confidence. Confidence to speak up and knowledge to ensure that I will sound educated when I so speak. Today having a college degree in a field you are passionate about is important for two reasons; being able to do work you enjoy and having the degree that will help open doors. With the economy being uncertain and the job market so competitive having a better education is more important than ever. Attending college has been valuable for me because I believe now that I have what it takes to comeplete my degree and work as a Graphic Designer. That has been a dream of mine since the first time I was introduced to a computer and printed my first design on a black and white dot-matrix printer. When I recently helped my Mom go through some old boxes I was shocked to realize that I have been designing since I was first old enough to hold a crayon. I am not ashamed to say that I kept a few works of art just to prove to myself that I have always been a Graphic Designer.


I have currently been studying for the health care field and its not as easy as i thought it would be. I know high school teachers said it would be hard, but you can bever really prepare yourself for how hard school may be. College has really helped me to see how much i have grown and how much more i will grow in my academics and maturity. College is nothing that should be taken lightly as i have just learned after finishing my first semester. I didn't understand the difference between studying in high school and in college. I knew i would have to study to maintain good grades and especially a good gpa in college but i never knoew how much i would have to study. This semester taught me alot in learning how to balance school and life and teaching me my real responsibilities. I want to thank you for your time and considering me for the scholarship. Thank you.


My college experience had been tedious, although, it has givin me a reason to stay focused on my goal. There are other options (and cheaper) that I could've taken to get where I want to be in less time. Overall I value it because it shows me not to take it for granted and work to my fullest potential.


The ability to see the work of others drives me to create better work.


I have gotten so much out of my college experience that I don't think I would have gotten from anywhere else. It's been very valuable to attend because I don't think I would have gotten the same instruction and learned the same type of stuff from any other school. The school is geared toward the arts, which includes my dream job as a graphic designer. I have learned more about myself and my major in the past two years than I have learned throughout my high school experience.


My college experience has taught me that nothing is impossible. I am currently employed full time and taking 20 credit hours this semester in hot persuit of my degree. All of my classes are done online but are normal semester classes, not designed to be fast paced. My work load has been immense and at times I've wondered how I could possibly get it all done. Yet I stay up late, get up early, and study during my lunch hour. I'm planning on getting a 4.0 GPA this semester and am on track to do so. My current total GPA is 3.9. I didn't think I could possibly handle all of this, yet my wife's encouragement gave me the traction I needed to get started. I'm thankful she did and am surprised at the power of human will and of encouragement itself.


When I first started college, I was a bit withdrawn. I wasn't sure if it would work out, or if I could handle the work load. And it is a challenge to juggle two children, a clean and organized household, and full time school. But with the support and help of my fiance, and my family, things ahve worked out well so far. I am confidant in my abilities to fulfill my goals. I have made friends, and learned things in college that I thought I already knew. It has been a very valuable experience to my life, both educationally and emotionally. I look foreward to continuing my new path.


My experience at IADT has given me an opportunity to work at my own speed, yet succeed. I have attended an On Ground Campus prior to attending IADT and have found that you become more independent when you have to work alone yet have connections with the school staff and your peers. Being Online is very don't know who you will be in class with and what state they are from. Most On Ground campuses have students from the surrounding area near the campus while this form of education gives one an opportunity to meet with others from different parts of the United States and abroad. Is found that the OnLine Educational experience is a challange (which I like), it is a way to become more independent, more efficient with ones time, more reliable, and turns one into a thinking individual.


I attended community college because of its cost, however I am now proud to say that I have earned my Associate of Arts degree (with honors), and I am ready to attend a four year university to get a Bachelors. College has been great because even though I was lost at times, I now realize how much I learned. I really want to be as educated as possible; I honestly love learning. I am so excited to start this new chapter in my life. I have a passion for Astronomy and German language. I have been taking German since high school, and did independent studies in community college. I really want to further my education in German. I feel good about what I have accomplished, and I feel well-rounded. I'm ready to concentrate on what I love!


My college experience so far has consisted of night school, and it has certainly opened my horizons. This college experience has not just taught me important information from the official textbooks. It has taught me how to work with a diverse group of people, not only with different cultures, but a wide age range. It has taught me responsibility and discipline. No longer does any one remind me what homework I have to do, when I need to go to class. My college experience has certainly allowed me to grow into more of an adult, making college valuable to attend not only for the knowledge, but for the personal growth.


I have really injoyed going back and learning what iam intersted in learning how to beable to reach out to help the kids in the wourld what i have expermented in life myself ,I can only put out what I have exprinced and to do suck a thing is a great a complishment to me .


I earned a BA in Advertising and during my undergraduate studies, my most memorable experiences were from student organizations and community involvement. I participated in student government budgeting and event planning committees, co-founded and creatively directed a dance team, presided over a poetry society and worked as fundraising chair for my sorority. I coordinated efforts that raised thousands of dollars from local businesses and professional organizations to bring nationally acclaimed poets to campus, provided scholarships to local high school graduates, and helped to create performances that won campus-wide and state wide talent shows from second place to grand prize, and even provided opening performances for poets Nikki Giovanni and Alix Olsin. These valuable experiences built a passion for leadership, marketing and consulting. My MBA in Marketing provided discipline in business, organization and entrepreneurship. My goal is to become a marketing manager, preferably in the telecommunications industry. I would also like to someday have my own full-service consulting firm providing independent contractors for marketing, communications, public relations, grant writing, event planning, strategic planning, business development and project management. The only missing element is graphic design skills and I have applied to IADT Online to study Graphic Design.


My experience in college is a weird one because of how im spending it. Most of the time i spend it practicing on my production techniques and my piano skills so i canbe ready and be at a skill were i im capable of being productive in my line of work. Truthfully i really dont want to go out most of the time is because i dont want to miss out on tryin to get better my skills but sometimes i do take a break from it too. I spend sometimes examining myself and my idea's and enjoying my interaction with people from my school because i learn alot from them and from them i learn alot about myself. To me so far this experience is a good one and beside the curriculm myself as a person is growing and learning more from this place in time of life my life.


My college experience thus far has been very valuable. It has greatly helped me in my current job. I am currently working in the field I want to be, just not at the level I want to eventually attain. My experience has also showed me how to be more patient, relieable, and how to apply classroom knowledge to everyday real life.


Attendig college and moving out of my house, I have learned who I am and what kind of lifestyle I want. By not having my parents around I have learned to be my own person and make my own decissions. With making my own decissions I have come to make a lifestyle of my own. I eat healthier then my family and I find time to exercise everyday at least 30 mins. Being at college I have found who I am and figured out what kind of life I want. Also I have learned so many new things and had so many new experieces that I never whuldo have learned any where else. I have learned things that will help me through out my life with my carrer, interactions with others and my family. College is an experiance that everyone should get. Without this year in college I would be lost in the worldand not know who I am and what I want to do with my life.


I am an online student in Illinois attending classes fron IADT-Tampa. I enjoy my online classroom activities, the workload is balanced and I have maintained a 4.0 GPA since I returned to school after a 5 year break. The main benefit for me is staying up to date with the latest technology. As a graphic designer and Advertising Major, it is crutial to my career to continue to gain knowledge in this format. In this economy, I feel it is more important than ever to have a degree and work experience in order to ensure job security. My chosen degree in advertising is a field in which I have worked in for many years, but having a degree will enable me to make a difference for my family that will impact our lives for years to come. Being awarded this scholarship would ensure my ability to continue my family legacy in the printing industry, developing earth-friendly designs and advertising concepts and providing quality services to my community.


Learning is a joy to me. In college, there are many opportunities to learn. The obvious way is by attending classes. This is the primary way for sure, but there are other places where learning can occur. From the boatload of work that goes with college, I have learned the importance of time management. The homework won't magically disappear, so I have learned to balance between work, study, and "play". This has been a very valuable lesson.


i have gotten the chance to experience the life as a college student and also have recieved the proper instructions so far towards the goals i am looking forward to completing upon graduation.


If i went back in time i would not have any advice to give myself. As a high school senior i was not 100{4a082faed443b016e84c6ea63012b481c58f64867aa2dc62fff66e22ad7dff6c} sure where i would go with my career goals but the journey i took after i left high school, helped me figure out where my heart and true pasion lay, in fashion. At age 17 i worked at a school where i was the assistant to the principal , i also discovered that i never wanted to work in a school if it could be avoided. After this i worked as a flight attendant at age 18 which allowed me to travel and see the world, i loved this and knew whatever career i chose would have to include lots of travel, then i worked as a production and wardrobe assistant on a local tv series in Trinidad i realised how much fun and how much i enjoyed working with people and working with clothing. Idid some research and discovered IADT the school i am currently attending and decided to pursue fashion design. If i went back in time i would simply tell myself to be more vigilent, to enjoy the experiences that i would soon experience.


I would tell myself to stay focus and to finish all my work on time. Also to do my best and make the best grades as possible. I would make sure that I hold myself accountable for my actions and all the decisions that i make. I would make sure that i would attend all of my classses promtly and make sure that i learn all that i can learn. You only get one shot out of life don't take life for granted. I would make sure to hold on to all of the knowledge that I've learned over the years so that i wont forget what i learned. I understand now that knowledge is power and it holds the key to my success. I know that i shouldn't take anything for granted and that i'm blessed to have a second change to redeem myself. I would also let myself know that its almost impossible to correct your mistakes so choose wisley and think before you make a decision that could impact your life because one decision could change you future.


Given the chance to travel through time and talk to myself in senior year, I would have advised to apply for as many scholarships as possible and really focus on my future. I was living in the "now" in high school and focused primarly on extra curricular activities (volunteer anti-tobacco program), not what I want to be. I would tell myself to further investigate colleges that provide television production classes not just stop at two. There is so many possibilities that I have missed because my focus was unclear and scared to go out into the "real" world. Granted life can be scary but not knowing where to go or start is even worse. So many times people take things for granted and miss opportunities, I would have used by senior year to visit colleges and sit in their classes to observe. Here I am almost 26 years old and I have still yet to complete college because I am not happy with where I am at in school. The program is not of my interest or talents but that wasn't really discovered till it was just about too late.


I would of told myself to get involved and join clubs and play a sport because you only have one time that you will be here so make the best of it. I would also advise myself to serch for scholarships while I was still in school. Because then I would of had the capitail now to attend then drawning in debit. I would of also told myself that whatever I choose in life then will affect me now, and i might be in a better position now because I would of listen to myself. I would of been more sucessfull then because I would of I would been informed.


Explore the possibilities. Universities provide elective credits to give students options to explore. Try things you've never done and you may discover talents and interest you didn't know you had. When I first started college, I had never considered studying graphic design. I did not think of myself as an artist, but new experiences have shown me that there is more than one type of artist. I am now studying something I truly love and have a plan for using my degree. There will be classes and people that will challenge your principles and ideals. Be willing to look at all sides and accept others' differences, but don't give up your values. Listen to advise but remember that only you can decide what is right for you. Take advantage of opportunities your university provides. I had the life changing experience of being able to travel to Urumqi, China and teach English as a service for a semester. This trip opened my eyes and provided me with experience and knowledge I could not have gained in the classroom alone. Make your college years an adventure you will always remember.


I would tell myself to be more responsible with my money. Good credit is everything. I would also tell myself to actually pay more attention to the stuff I was learning in high school. The first reason being so I could get better grades and therefore be able to get accepted into any college that I applied. Another reason would be because all of the things that are being taught in high school will reappear in college, so it is good to already have knowledge of some things.


I spent my childhood growing up with a father in the military and a mother who was very sick and in and out of the hospital. My parents did their best to raise me, but I never had any real direction. I floated through school just waiting for it to be over and living in the moment. I had no clue what I wanted to do or be. If I could go back in time and speak with myself as a highschool senior, I would sit down with myself with a pen and a piece of paper and make myself write out what his future will look like. I would ask him to think about the things he is passionate about, and for each item I would sit with him and discuss a plan to enter into a career field in which he will enjoy. I would then discuss with him credit and how exactly it works. I would tell myself how to manage my credit and explain to him how vital his credit will be as an adult. I know that Randy learns things the hard way, I will just hope that he takes his own word for it.


Had I the ability to talk with my high school senior self, with the knowledge of college life I now have, I would impress upon myself the dire importance of applying for supplemental funding for college. As a full time unemployed freshman, I don't have the financial recources for housing. The aquisition of funding for room and board is a paramount aspect of college life that I wish I could have prepared for sooner.


I don't recall being worried about making the transition, but I knew there would be major differences. My family and I looked for local colleges because I planned to commute to campus. None of my friends from my high school were attending the school I finally chose, so that made living on campus even less inviting. My current schedule allows me to take online courses for my general education and drive to Tampa once a week for my major studies. Although I don't live on campus, nor have frequent classes, college life still had its overwhelming impact on me. I find that I must constantly remind myself to search for scholarships to help pay for everything, the price for textbooks and sound equipment helps though. I am also still getting used to registering for classes, something I wish I still had a councler to do for it's very confusing at times. Regardless of these changes, I still manage to obtain a high GPA which I have kept through out high school. If I could go back and talk to myself in high school I'd advise myself to do more scholarhips, and register for classes early.


You do not give up on school. Things will get tough sometiems but just stick in there they will get better. Your life will be better once you graduate. Graduation day will be the best day of your life. If you need help do not hesitate to ask. There is always people around that you can get help from. You do not need to be shy. You need to be more outgoing and get involved in the groups and extracurricular activities.




College is a whole different ball game, get as many college credits as you can right now and really focus on what you want to major in. Don't get stuck on the idea of a "dream school" focus on the place that can give you the best education with the lowest expense to you. Find a reason to stay, get involved in whatever you can that gives you purpose, fufillment, and makes the whole experince wirth it that way when things seem hard you'll have somthing worth fighting for. Keep in touch with fmily and friends Network, STUDY, party, STUDY, try something new, STUDY, and when you have time to kill STUDY some more. Get in and out in 4 years and most importantly, learn to cook! After a full year of Mc Donalds no one is "lovin'it"


If I could go back in time to give advice to myself in high school, I would say, "Self, follow your passion." Life isn't about making money or having prestige. It's about being happy in your own skin and feeling passion and pride for what you do and who you are. If I had taken heed of these words, I could have saved myself from many unfulfilled years. After high school, I was extremely fortunate that I had the grades to do almost anything I wanted. I went into computers because that's where the money was at the time. Unfortunately, after a few years of programming I came to hate computers. So I decided to up the ante and go to medical school. The prestige was wonderful, the subject was interesting, but my heart wasn't in it and I left after my second year. Now, here I am, a 40-year old woman returning to school. What makes this time different? I am following my passion - fashion design. It may not be prestigious and I may not make a lot of money but my future has never looked brighter to me.


Study hard , time management is quinessential, apply yourself more diligently for the task at hand. Don't hang out & party because you will not be able to focus the next day in class, always study 2hrs. a day a week before exams, tests & quizzes. Read your school books diligently & always take notes after you've read a chapter. Do not do drugs they fry your brain eventually & you can't focus on your goals. Alawys be on time for class, punctuality is key,Think before you speak, always go well prepare for class. Always know that a stupid question is a question not asked, "The future belongs to those who believein the beauty of their dreams," quoted best by E. Roosevelt. Finally, know that you are smart, beautiful & talented.


At the end of high school you feel exhausted and unsure of what comes next. High school led you to this point. Now it is time to choose a new direction and starting forming your own path. Remember this is your time to pursue your dreams. Take the time spent in college to experience, to absorb, and to learn from your mistakes. Find yourself and realize what is waiting for you. There are a lot of opportunities waiting for you, and if you take advantage of those opportunities the future holds no boundaries.


I would tell my self that i should be more serious my senior year and increase my GPA. Also i would have told myself to try and get in activities.


I would say two things 1 dont let your credit get messed up 2 graduate from high school and after graduation dont wait to go to college do it as soon as possible. I wish I would have of had someone tell me this because now Im a 45 year old single mother of 3 girls and wished I could have of had someone let me know how it was going to be in the future. I do have my associates degree but relized I need a better degree to make more money. So now im working on my bachelors degree and its hard at times but I believe it will be better for me one day.