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What should every freshman at your school know before they start?


I would need to have a spend more time studying and make an effective time managment calendar. I would need to spend time working on research papers earlier and slowly in order to achieve a higher grade. Take the time to take notes and recopy them in order to recall what was said in lecture. Find time to study and spend enough time studying concepts I have difficult comprehending.


If I were to go back and talk to myself with the best advice as a high school senior I would first say that college is nothing but school. Jumping into a four-year university for someone who barely could get up for high-school classses, is probably not the best option. Try attending a community-college or a vocational school first to see where you academically stand. Once again college is school. Yes, you here the parties every night, but class is still in the morning. College is too expensive to be wasting thousands of dollars to party. Fun will be there when you graduate. I would then say get to class on time and do your best. Even if you are sick or have a family emergency, emailing your teacher counts versus being a no-show. Remember this is your money, not theirs. No offense, but they do not care like your high school teacher did. Last and but not least I would defiantly say stay in school. Until you recieve your highest education you see fit whether it is an Associate's or PHD, remember stay in school because fun will be there.