Santa Barbara City College Top Questions

Describe how your school looks to someone who's never seen it.


My school is accepting; its affordible tuition allows students from all socio-economic backgrounds to get a quality, post-secondary education, whiles its variety of clubs, classes, and sports attract students with all different interests, hobbies, and talents.


A school where everyone wants you to succeed in a great environment.


SBCC is the best place you could possibly spend your first two years of undergrad: beautiful location, friendly people, lots to do, and professors that care about you and love their job!


Pure happiness and joy.


My school was awarded for the number one community college in the nation because it is known for its beach side location, modivating staff, and hardworking students.


My school is the ultimate college setting that can be provided by a community college.


An amazing community college in a beautiful place.


Santa Barbara City College has wonderful places students can go when they need help with school work, and the campus makes me feel safe which helps me to learn at a much better pace.