Santa Barbara City College Top Questions

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SBCC is a very unique college for various reasons. The campus has an amazing view of the ocean along with great faculty and resources.


Santa Barbara City College was rated number one community college in the nation. They have amazing staff, clubs, athletics, programs, and a very high transfer rate. They have a program called Express to Success where you can complete two semesters of math and/or english at an accelerated rate in one semester. I am enrolled in this program and am very excited.


Our school was voted the #1 Community College in the nation for a reason. We are a top school, with some of the best and brightest teachers and students this nation has to offer. All staff members are involved in the school and ensuring that their students find the path to success, and are willing to go above and beyond to help everyone succeed.


My school is located about 100 feet from the pacific ocean. There are not many schools in the US that have this amazing location. In almost every class, I can look out the window and see the beach. I feel that when you are in an enviornment that you love and feel comfortable in, then succeeding will become easier for you.