Santa Barbara City College Top Questions

What do you consider the worst thing about your school? Why?


The worst thing about Santa Barbara City College is that the parking is limited and many of us have been late to class due to not being able to find parking. Now I know what you must be thinking..."Well leave your house earlier"...right? Well I do and it is still an issue. The parking lot is small, not enough for everyone. Even if we carpool the parking for that is limited as well. I would add more parking spaces and somehow make them closer to the campus so students would not be late to class because of this.


I consider the worst thing about my school is the lack of clubs and organizations. I feel this is a major downside to the college because they aren't promoting as much opportunitites for the students to go outside of their learning boxes and get a chance to interact with other students and colleagues. I feel like if they added more clubs on campus it would really help students experience the College life and have a bigger chance to meeting new people that they normally might have never have talked to.


Our parking!!! They accept so many people to this school and its one of the best community colleges in the nation but we simply dont have enough parking spots.


The only complaint I have about my school is the parking. Other than that I couldnt picture myself anywhere else to recieve my two year education before transfering to a University.


Of course the worst part of attending Santa Barbara City College is also the location. It can be very tempting to skip a class when you see that the waves are looking good. Most days in Santa Barbara are perfect for hiking, surfing, or rock climbing, this can impose upon study time.


The administration is not as helpful as I would have liked them to be.