Santa Barbara City College Top Questions

What's the one thing you wish someone had told you about freshman year?


Never say "no" to an exploration. Clubs and field trips are great ways to explore your interests, especially ones outside of your comfort zone. Use your free time to experiment, from clubs for slack-lining to coffeehouse conversing in Italian. Use office hours to revisit old teachers or to meet new ones. Take experiences as they come, don't wait for the perfect ones for your resume. You can always move on while taking the best out of an opportunity you've been given at the moment. Sometimes, throwing caution to the wind can give you more ground to run.


I wish I had known that creating an academic plan in the beginning could have helped me transfer more easier rather than having to take summer classes to finish up all the required units and classes that I needed. Creating a map of all the classes would have given me a good idea of what classes I needed to take and when I should take them. That way I would have been able to pace myself for efficiently.


A college education is critically important in regards to quality of life and should be taken serious. It's also very expensive to get a quality education so this fact should be taken to acccount during your time in college and should be realized as an investment in not only your future but your future family's future.


The only thing I wish I would have know was more about the order of registration; meaning new students versus returning students. Maybe they could instate a type of lottery to ensure that all students, new and returning, get a chance at pre-requisite courses so that there is more of a chance of not having to wait a semester; prolonging the order of classes needed to complete a degree or certification.


Honestly the resources at City College are great. All I needed to do was find the right department at SBCC to get my questions answered. I guess you could say that there is not really anything I wish I had known before coming to SBCC. The counselors in the academic and transfer center have helped me with everything I needed to know. Any question I have can be answered, this school is great!