Santa Clara University Top Questions

Describe how your school looks to someone who's never seen it.


Santa Clara University is the right school for a students that is searching for small classes. Classes here are the right size they are never over thirty-five students. Professos show their enthusiasm for teaching. They are close to their students, they are supportuve and want to give their best, they will always give their time into helping a student. The school is very active in activities from school and outside in the community. We likr to help others and for that reason we do activities that will help people outsie our school.


Santa Clara University is an awesome and friendly environment where the professors truly care about students and their future short or long term goals.


A wonderful environment to learn, create friendships and thirve in that creates unimaginable opportunities.


Santa Clara University is an academically, culturally, and globally aware school where every student is proud to say they gain the best education possible in the small classrooms, the best experiences in the events put on by clubs and organizations, and awareness of local and global issues through presentations, conferences, and other events put on by Campus Ministry, Markkula Center for Applied Ethics, and student clubs.


Easy to express yourself, be creative, try different creative outlets from dance to writing to sports, study in a serene and highly innovated atmosphere, inspiring, an unforgetable learning experience, get to know the professors, and most of all- make friendships that will last a lifetime.


Santa Clara is a small, private univeristy focused on community and promoting a healthy and fun environment for all students, with a curriculum and atmosphere centered around Jesuit beliefs.


A small, business-oriented Catholic institution focused on getting it's name out there via student success stories, research projects, and application statistics.


Santa Clara University is an awesome school with so much to offer academically and socially for any type of person.


My school is perfect in my view, it is big enough to encompass most activities and the feel of large universities, but it is still small enough that the community if very tightly knit and focused on educational of the whole body and mind of the individuals who attend my university.


Curious what campus looks like? Love palm trees and sun? Take a look!


Santa Clara is a school for thinkers and allows growth through community outreach, classes, religion, and social experiences by allowing each member of our community to be exposed to an endless amout of experiences.


Freaking awesome! :)




My school is full of rich white ungratful brats.


My school is gorgeous, self-contained, and so much fun.


My school is best described as a bubble. After my first weeks, it was clear to see that most ppl at this university don't understand how other ppl live. They are mostly comprised of wealthy white people who consider getting into Santa Clara as an entitlement. Not exactly one sentence.


Its like im at a country club


Santa Clara University is a small Jesuit school that provides programs from a variety of subjects to accomodate everyone's interest.


SCU is a beautiful campus with a student population size that is just right.


There are many palm trees.


The campus is very aesthetically-pleasing and the environment is welcoming and warm.