Santa Clara University Top Questions

Describe your favorite campus traditions.


Blonde joggers


Our Business School is prestigious and well known.


Santa Clara was placed on the top 100 schools in the United States. It has top academics and all of Santa Clara's teachers and students take grades very seriously. Sports are also very competitive at Santa Clara. There is basketball, soccer, lacrosse, etc. for both intermural and varsity levels.


it's business school, great academics, and eco friendly methods


This school is best known for the journey for balance between your future career, quality of learning, networking and social awareness. The resourses for persuing your quality education are provided for you, and there are ways to expand what they don't have. It is up to you to take it for granted and look for it. All of the study spaces are spacious, and the classrooms are small and technologically updated. The campus outside is painted with beautiful gardens and landscapes and palm trees, but the best quality are the smiles.


Santa Clara University receives many praises for the Business School and the College of Arts and Sciences. All classes have less than 40 students, providing everyone with a comfortable learning environment where students are encouraged to think critically and go beyond course requirements. The professors at this University are overly qualified for their positions, knowledgeable about the subjects they teach, and really show an interest in their students by making themselves available during office hours outside of class time. Santa Clara is also located in Silicon Valley where many students find jobs after graduation.


Santa Clara is known for a small tight knit commmunity where students have easy access to professors and staff. The school is relgiously affiliated but is very liberal and open to all types of religion. This school is welcoming and embraces diversity.


Santa Clara University's mission is deeply rooted in the Jesuit tradition. Engrained in each students' brain since orientation are the 'three C's' which represent what Santa Clara strives out of each student: compassion, competence, and conscience. The fourth 'C' is for community, which can be applied both in the academicand social worlds. Each student can find a larger community throughout all of the university, as well as long lasting smaller communities in his or her own private life.


Rich white people




The business school and now we have a huge new library, but I had never heard of it previous to coming here.


Being a small jesuit liberal arts school in Sillicon Valley.


business school


The business school at Santa Clara University just finished building the new business school buildings.SCU has one of the best business schools. The small school is well known for the professors to have a 1on1 relationship with the students. Santa Clara sits in the Silicon Valley drawing many companies to use SCU as a feeder school to jobs within the area.Sustainability is a primary focus of students fromt he time they live in the dorm to their life long after Santa Clara. Over all SCU is a well rounded college that allows everyone to find their place.


Santa Clara University is best known for its business school, beautiful landscaping, and personal relationships bewteen students and teachers.


The mission church and it's commitment to academics.


Amazing people. Everyone at Santa Clara is insanely nice. I'm from a big city where people tend to be more focused on themselves than anyone else. Everyone at Santa Clara is a part of a community that cares. I never would've believed how caring everyone is here.


Our school is probably best known for adequately preparing students for the working world as well as helping them network for future jobs/careers.


Competitiveness and producing strong leaders.


beautiful campus