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The most unique feature of Santa Clara University is the student body. The family like feeling that isn't found at larger or even other small schools rings true everywhere all over campus. There is no feeling of competition between students and everyone included, invited, and practically participates in every school event possible.


It's quite small which is nice because people can really get to know each other


The surrounding area is unique compared to other schools I considered because it's close to the bay area cities as well as other nearby resources. The location is optimal if you have a car to travel to these places.


One thing that is unique abou tis our many diversity programs we have on campus. There's a group/club for everyone and if there isn't you can create one. Also everyone is very accepting of one another. At many universities and colleges everyone is drawn to people who "look like them" but at Santa Clara everyone is drawn to each other by things they have in common no matter the skin color.


A unique feature about Santa Clara University is the close knit community among students and faculty as well as the balance between academics and the social atmosphere on campus.


We are in tehheart of Silicon Valley and that provides students with a lot of networking oppertunities


I was interested in the small class sizes. Everyone was really nice and the campus is beautiful. It is quite easy to make friends. The professors are really helpful and they are eager to know you personally. Santa Clara University is close to every many stores and eatries.


The class sizes are extremely smaller in comparison to the U.C. system, which was appealing to me when I was looking at other institutions. The campus is beautiful, and provides a welcoming/diverse atmosphere. This university puts a lot of emphasis on pushing students towards their career goals and what they want to do after graduation. I found it appealing that the university has a high rate for students who obtain jobs right after graduation. There is also the famous statistic- most couples who date at the university get married at some point in the future.


Ultimately, Santa Clara is just like my private Catholic high school about fifteen miles away. It speaks to the Bay Area prep vibe, and has the feel of a college prep school: graduate school prep, anyone?


it has small classrooms with a community feel to it. you get lots of attention.


The curriculum is well organized so students can easily select classes and be able to get into their classes. Also the class sizes are smaller, averaging about 30 students per class for upper division courses. IT is also a safe place with high security especially when it is close to downtown San Jose.


Santa Clara is a well-rounded enviroment that supplies its students with ample resources to assist them in attaining their educational, spiritual, and social goals. the emphasis Santa Clara places on its students success as a whole is easily noticed on campus.


A look into the pros and cons of attending this small private university


Honestly, if it weren't for the amazing friends that I have found here, I don't believe I would love Santa Clara as much as I do now. The people I've met and grown close to, I KNOW will be a part of my life for many years to come. I've visited my friends who go to UC's, and I've met the people who are a part of their lives there --and while they're nice and good and fun people --they just weren't a group who I felt could have given MEANING to my life, like my friends here have. I'm so thankful to be surrounded by so many wonderful personalities, whose likes I truly do not believe I could have found outside SCU.


I love Santa Clara University! And I recommend it to everyone!


Don't get me wrong, I thourougly enjoy my time at Santa Clara University, but to be honest, it's difficult sometimes to fit in if your parents aren't top CEO's for a huge company. Each year my family pays full tuition ($50,000). While this is pocket change to most students at my school, my family is really struggling to make ends meet. Students at this school who come from wealthy families don't really understand what this means. It can become frustrating at times.


Our teachers really care about thier students and are available to help their students whenever they can. The classes aren't as big so you can develop relationships with the teachers and your classmates. Our food is pretty good compared to the other colleges I have been to. We have a beautiful campus and nice facilities. The advisors are very helpful and willing to aid a student. Everyone is very involved and over all very friendly and nice. We have nice weather, not too hot or cold. Our campus overs many activities, sports and clubs. There is always something.


Perfect school size for me, the teachers are extremely helpful and only here to help you understand what you are trying to do. Total career-oriented school (over 90{4a082faed443b016e84c6ea63012b481c58f64867aa2dc62fff66e22ad7dff6c} of business students have a job when they graduate)


The overall enviroment and academics.


God, the weather is so BEAUTIFUL! And the classes and professors are magnificent. Oh and by the way, if you want an excellent job right out of college, keep in mind that many companies prefer a Santa Clara student to a Stanford student. Don't believe me? Check it out. Santa Clara alumni are ALL OVER the place, giving us all connections into jobs you never thought possible. It's amazing, the wonders that this school will do for you on your resume!