Santa Clara University Top Questions

Is the stereotype of students at your school accurate?


Yes. There are ethnic minorities on campus, but they are not mixed in with the rest of the campus. They have their own dorms (that are in older dorms that aren't as good as the new ones, where coincidentally the white students live) and they spend a lot of time in the Multicultural Center (where there are never any white students). Many of the students come from very wealthy families, often from the LA area. The social scene is very much a clique.


1. Our tuition is high; I can't deny that. But 71{4a082faed443b016e84c6ea63012b481c58f64867aa2dc62fff66e22ad7dff6c} of our students receive some form of financial aid (including me!). I would say students here are passionate...from in the classroom to outside of it. 2. Our campus is pretty (at least I think so). I feel extremely lucky to be able to go out to Mission Gardens to study and hang out with friends, be in the location we are in, and literally smell the roses on my way to class. But classes at SCU are not a walk in the park. You will find the professors who push you to think differently than you previously did. 3. Only half of our students fill in the "Catholic" bubble. We have an interfaith minister on campus, several non-Catholic religious clubs, interfaith student council, and more. Plus, everyone, regardless of faith background is welcome to student masses/retreats/campus ministry events. 4. Swig Hall (Cyphi RLC) is the tallest building on campus and houses mostly sophomores and freshmen. Because it is the largest RLC on campus, it tends to be the most active residence hall.


I arrived here thinking that the stereotypes would be true --but I was pleasantly surprised to find that I was wrong. There is alot of diversity at SCU. The students who live on my floor alone (including me) represent at least 10 different ethnic groups. As for the long, not EVERYONE has one. But alot of people ride them. All the time.


Overall, this stereotype is true, but in a positive way. The school is very diverse and people with all sorts of intrests are represented. While the student body does tend towards the liberal side, those who tend towards the right are not in anyway sitgmatized and are accepted.


Absolutely not! A large part of the students are on scholarships or financial aid of some form. There is a wide racial background at SCU, and everyone is welcoming to those who differ from them. There are a lot of Catholic activities on campus because it is a Jesuit school. However, there are people at this school from all religious backgrounds and they are welcomed by everyone. I am a Christian myself, but I am not Catholic and no one has ever judged me for it.


Absolutely not. While there is a large percentage of white students, when you come onto the campus, you do not feel as though that is the case, because our students mingle with all races, ethnicities and religions.