Santa Clara University Top Questions

What do you brag about most when you tell your friends about your school?


The amenities at Santa Clara are what any student will tell you makes Santa Clara University worth bragging about. The clean campus containing beautiful buildings that are shaded by the beautiful California weather make this college a hidden gem; the food is nothing that can be complained about either. Our wonderful, personable, and helpful faculty create an environment that would turn any Harvard student into an SCU Bronco very quickly from their compassion to help and the way they make one feel like more than just a number. Santa Clara University has it all from the ground up.


I brag mostly about the prestigeness of this school. Santa Clara University is considered one of the best school's in the West, and is ranked about #26 in it's business department. As a business major, the rank of the business program is something that should be highly mentioned. In addition to the academics, I also mention about how nice the SCU campus is. Santa Clara University invests not only in it's students, but also it's campus to make it look presentable to prospective students and visitors.


I love how beautiful our campus is. It is, undeniably, gorgeous. And I like that its only a 10 minute walk to virtually anywhere you need to go. And I like the close community and the social aspect that brings. I have made friends in many different networks of the school, and see all of them regularly on campus, which is something to be appreciated.


The friendly atmosphere, the interesting classes, and the nice campus.




Lots of people also from Hawaii


SCU has wonderful amenities, and the buildings on campus have really nice study areas. The student to professor ratio is also small so every student receives the attention needed to learn and achieve their own maximum potential. Professors and counselors are all very helpful and take time to tend to students' needs.


The small class sizes and the proximity to everything. There are many courses offered in the different departments. Mostly, I brag about how beautiful my school campus is.


That it has a great pool and gym. The Library is one of the most hi-tech in the world. The class sizes are always small. There are a lot of pretty girls there. It is very fun because it is close to downtown san jose.


One of my favorite aspects of Santa Clara is the campus itself. While I love the classes and the campus life, the campus itself is what caught my attention in the first place and continues to be my favorite part. The small campus size, proximity to the city, and the beauty of the school itself continues to capture me and encourage my success at school.


I brag about the beautiful location and how much fun I have in my engineering classes.


My school is very open minded when it comes to many different aspects of life. My friends often complain about my dining point system for food on campus, something I've taken for granted. We have amazing dorms and a great educational system.


How beautiful the campus is.


The opportunities that you can do off-campus. San Jose is right next door, Santa Cruz and the ocean is a 45 minute drive away, and San Francisco is an hour and a half train ride away.


The campus itself is gorgeous and everyday you feel lucky just to be walking around in it. The kids here are all "good kids" - we are all generally pretty friendly and kind people. The campus feels safe and welcoming - there is a definitely a sense of community. Everyone finds their niche here. The weather in Santa Clara is perfect. The new library is incredible. We are in a perfect location in the Bay Area/Silicon Valley - close to San Fran, Santa Cruz, Berkeley, etc. No one seems to have a hard time finding a job after graduation.