Santa Clara University Top Questions

What do you consider the worst thing about your school? Why?


Aside from the basic complaints about roommates and class times, my major criticism about SCU is that the library closes at 10 pm on Fridays and Saturdays and does not open until 9 am on Saturdays and Sundays. I understand that these time restrictions are to give workers more hours off on weekends, but at a highly competetive, academically demanding school, I prioritize my grades over a social scene and would rather spend time studying than hanging out with friends or partying when I have much to do.


I consider the worst thing about my school is the price of tution. I fully understand that my school is a private school and the university does everything they can to help students out, but the amount of debit students aquire from my university is staggering.


The cost. It's a fantastic school, I just transferred to Santa Clara and it's been a wonderful experience so far . The only drawback is trying to finance my education is a big stress, it would be great if I didn't have such a large burden on my shoulders while I'm trying to further my education.


The worst thing about my school is the cost to attend because though it is primarly white kids there are black students who attend and my family isn't as finanically stable as others, which makes it hard for me to pay to go here.


There is nothing bad about the school, it is a fantastic and beautiful place.


The price is the worst thing. It's almost $50 grand! I don't know how I'm going to afford to stay here without being in major debt later.


The school is not in an amazing location. You do need a car or the money to spend on public transportation if you want to take a trip to San Francisco or venture out to see some natural beauty.


At my school affirmative action is taken to the extreme, particularly with financial aid. For instance, I am a caucasian, self-supporting female, working 5 jobs simultaneously while taking a full course load in order to graduate in three years rather than four (to pay less tuition due to lack of funds and aid). A friend, an African-American female in the same college is receiving more financial aid than me, despite the fact that her high school GPA was lower than mine, her family is paying her way, and she does not have the acheivement record I do.


The lack of diversity in the faculty and staff & the ignorance of the students are the worst things about SCU. It's hard being Black in a school that has a history of mocking your culture by throwing theme parties and dressing up as Black people for Halloween. On top of that, kids will throw parties and refuse to let people of color in. Additionally, Campus Safety has discriminated against SCU students of color just because "they do not look like they belong" on campus. What's worse is that the administration seems to ignore this problem.


The worst thing is probably the lack of activities to do in the area. The beach is 40 minutes away in Santa Cruz and there is shopping nearby, but other then that we rarely go to clubs or bars or anything off campus.


The caf food could be better.


I think maybe a bad part of Santa Clara is the sororities and fraternities. They are not allowed under Santa Clara name, but prosper anyways. I think the fact that Santa Clara is so against them makes them that much more appealing to the public and there is a stress on them that I find unnecessary.


maybe too small, expensive to live close to campus


The Church plays a big part on campus, but it doesnt command the school. It is more of a presence on campus.


The worst thing about my school is the lack of motivation all of the students have.


Sometimes our school has public relations problems and we never really communicate the attitudes behind both parties. For example, our campus recently had a controversy over blogs being posted on, where students were being made fun of and singled out by ethnicity and race. The way people dealt with it was the Multicultural Center staff put a bunch of posters with statements like, "We're better than this." Although, these banners were not inappropriate, I do not feel that blunt responses such as these were any better than the statements left on


The lack of cultrual diversity and the division between people of different races. This division can lead to offensive behavior that leaves some people very hurt and others unaware of what the "big deal" is.


There is a need for more racial diversity both in the student body and the faculty. Also there seems to be a lack of connection between the minority students and the white students, it's not that they're not friendly, they just don't seem to connect.


Closed minded people.


Lack of school spirit at sporting events.


Perhaps the residential, non-college, community around the campus. Loud student activities occasionally conflict with the peace and quiet of the immediate surrounding community.


administration apathy


A negative aspect about SCU, is size. However, growing older being in the same enviornment I grew up in I'm learning that I need to break out of my bubble. However, the aspects that I enjoy about SCUsurely override any negatives and it's become a place I truly call home.SCU's high tution makes it difficult to think of going abroad as an option but due to my need to experience more I pray that I'll find a way to make tuition cost less to therefore, visit the world for a semester experiencing another culture.


The school is wonderful as is; however, it would be nice if more courses were offered each quarter since it's hard to get the appropriate classes needed for your major on time.


people get scared when it rains and dont go out


There are costs for pretty much everything......


The worst thing about our school is probably the high cost of attending.


student unions like the Pacific Asian Studen Union segregate ethnic students from the larger white student body


The size of the school can be a downside - you can't walk around without seeing someone you know which isn't always a good thing. Also, it is more on the preppy side than other bigger universities so there is less cultural diversity. The only other downside is the city of Santa Clara/San Jose - I wish that there was more of a "college town" feel with more coffee shops, etc. However, this seems to have gotten better the past couple years and more stores catering to the college are popping up.