Santa Clara University Top Questions

What kind of person should attend this school?


A focused, hard-working, career-oriented person. Not to say that we don't like to have fun (we do, trust me!), but SCU really emphasizes its ability to get someone a job after college. So don't worry about that! Definitely someone who wants to be a well-rounded person.


someone who like nice weather, likes to be involved in clubs or sports or outdoor activities and is friendly, and wants to go to a Jesuit school


Compassion, Conscious, and Competent, Caring individuals are the best fit for Santa Clara. They are people who have aspirations of being not just community leaders, but leaders of the world.


Students who are ambitious and open to new ideas and cultures because the class discussions always involve some social issue in which one will have to be comfortable discussing. It is also a place for people who like to socialize and like to network because that one of the ways to be successful on this campus and getting jobs outside of campus.


A person that wants to the individual attention and small community feel. I feel as though I know almost 75{4a082faed443b016e84c6ea63012b481c58f64867aa2dc62fff66e22ad7dff6c} of the people that go here and it's still my freshman year. Going to the cafeteria is a great experience because it becomes a social party. The student to teacher ratio is great as well. I've never been in a class of more than 20 people until this quarter where there were 50 in a general class. Either way, the teachers know your name and your hobbies and are more than willing to help you succeed.


Someone who is looking for a bright future and wants to grow to their full potential as a person.


An SCU student should be academically driven, environmentally friendly and comfortable with talking to strangers. The student should like small, interactive classes with available professors, and should want to be proud of their school thirty years from now. Also, students at SCU should be interested in social justice and want to give back to their community.


Someone who is happy and content with themselves. There are a lot of wealthy and attractive people here so if someone is an insecure or jealous person, they would not like Santa Clara University.


A student is best suited for Santa Clara if they are eager to learn, motivated, and goal oriented. Students who attend the University must be able to handle a tough course load and be ready to work under pressure following the quarter system. Students have to want to learn, it is not a school where many can just "get by" on doing a minimal amount of work. Santa Clara expects students to complete internships before graduation to prepare them for the future, so a great deal of responsibility is placed on students to set goals they can accomplish.


The person who should attend this school must be comfortable in a small school. He/she should be prepared for small classrooms and one-on-one attention. Living in the dorms is great and there is an advantage to living on campus in order to really get immersed in the school and make friends.


Motivated, determined, and willing to seek out resources to go above and beyond expectations.


The kind of person who should attend this school is someone who is focused, and organized. Being focused is important because everything we learn in college is going to help us somewhere in the future. It could help us in our profession, our people skills, and help us build character. I believe being organized is another good attribute because college can be a bit overwhelming. There is a lot going on that it could be difficult to keep up. Keeping things in order at school can help us keep order in our lives.


A determined, outgoing student would do well at Santa Clara University. The school is perfect for anyone who likes to get involved in community service or on-campus clubs. We are very environmentally conscious and care about our impact on the world. Leaders who want to do well for the community would be successful here. Once you become part of Santa Clara University, you truly become part of a family.


Anyone looking for smaller class sizes, working with faculty & peers, or leadership opportunities.


A person who enjoys working closely with professors and their classmates, or wants to improve in these areas.


The type of person that would be most suitable for this school would be one who is accepting of other cultures and religions, maintains an open mind and is willing to try new things, has an excellent work ethic, thinks critically, knows how to balance a healthy lifestyle, and has charisma that carries throughout the academic year.


Someone who is willing to make an effort to succeed socially and academically.