Santa Clara University Top Questions

What's the most frustrating thing about your school?


Advisors are sometimes not helpful, but for the most part, I have been able to get the advice I needed. Sometimes students get stuck in the Santa Clara bubble, and it takes more of an effort to break out and be outside your comfort zone (but it's so worth it!).


The price is pretty high, and the core requirements are a little frustrating.


The most frustrating thing about my school is parking.


The most frustrating thing about Santa Clara University is that you have seemingly endless options to get involved and it can be overwhelming. Santa Clara is committed to its students and its community, so there are a lot of ways to share your interests or discover new ones. My advice? Keep an open mind and explore areas in which you are not 'comfortable.' In other words, spend time outside of your comfort zone. College is a safe place for exploration, so take advantage of it. You may end up discovering something about yourself that surprises you.


The most frustrating thing about Santa Clara is the way in which it tends to treat its student leaders. We're upheld to almost unreasonably high expectations, and not shown the same compassion and understanding that the Jesuit philosophy likes to preach.


Due to the fact that Santa Clara is a smaller University there is somewhat of a lack of class choices. For instance, as an engineering major many of my classes are quarter specific so if I can't take one for one reason or another I have to wait a whole school year to try and take it again.


The most frusrtating thing about my school is that they focus so much on diversity, yet African Americans on campus still don't feel like they have an identity on campus. Santa Clara University has a social bubble, where there are students who have never associated with others outside of their race or even socioeconomic level. At times, there is an inability for students from different backgrounds to come together and understand each other.


I find myself frustrated with the tendency for students to make friends local to their comfort zones, then after the first two weeks of school clicks and homogenous groups begin to form. I wanted to meet more people in college, but I have seen myself trapped in holding friends of the same race or who share my same interests.


Sometimes it seems like they choose a lot of freshmen to admit based on their financial status and that of their family, particularly if previous members of their family have attended.


small campus, not a very big college town around it


The only thing that they could improve on would be diversity among the faculty and student populations.


Nothing. I love this school!