Santa Fe Community College Top Questions

What do you consider the worst thing about your school? Why?


I think the wrost thing about my school would have to be how small the class size is. I admit, every now and then, a smaller group of classmates per teacher ratio is kind of nice, but most times I find myself wishing for a small auditorium filled with people as eager to learn as I am. I feel much more comfortable in a room of thirty people rather than 15. It's not that I'm not comfortable taking a leading position, I've just always been apart of bigger groups in my academic experience, so far.


The worst thng about my college is there website since most of the time is not working.


Coordination between bookstore and instuctors: last semester I was taking two classes and the books for both classes were not available until six weeks after classes began. Also, sometimes registering on-line poses many obstacles or logging on to on-line courses proves difficult. Although, this semester, so far, it seems like many of the on-line obstacles have been cleared out of the way.