Santa Monica College Top Questions

Describe the students at your school.


Mostly foreign students, Asian and Swedish are the two most dominant races/ethnicity. Many students are nice, but most aren't that helpful in terms of working together. A lot of students are so wrapped up in themselves and busy with their own separate lives outside of school that it's hard to socialize.


My classmates are dedicated to pursuing a degree in education and making a difference in the field.


Being an older student returning to college, most of my peers were 18-22. I enjoyed that alot of students come from many diverse ethnic backgrounds. This provides for a valuable interaction with people's of different locale and beliefs. Despite various differences, I found working with my peer students educational in itself. From microbiology to philosophy my classmates were a joy to be work with and learn from. There is room for individuality in a collective and creative space that is respected.


My classmates are fasinating people who share similar intrests as myself.


My classmates are laid back but at the same time conscious about getting a good grade in order to transfer. We all have a sense of humor which creates a comfortable working environment.