Santa Monica College Top Questions

What kind of person should not attend this school?


Students who believe community college is an easy way out should not attend SMC. Their ignorance will dig themselves into a hole, take up desparately needed seats in classrooms, and deplete financial aid funds. Their attitude will also taint the reputation and prestige of community colleges as well as the courses, programs, and council offered there. Plus their mindset might rub off on other students, thus bringing down grade point averages, participation in extracurricular activites, ambition and school pride.


Someone who doesn't want to work in class.


I feel that Santa Monica College has a niche for people of all types of character. From my own experience, people from multiple backgrounds are respected as individuals both from faculty and students. If you are xenophobic, I suppose this wouldn't be the best environment. I find it extremely rewarding to be exposed to people from different walks of life to learn of their culture and experiences. As humans we don't live in a bubble. If you can't tolerate diversity in student life, you won't survive and succeed in the real world.


The same type of person who shouldn't attend any 2-year community college. This person is not serious about furthering their education, usually just a little imature or wants to spend their time socializing. I understand meeting people like yourself is a part of college but it shouldn't happen at the expense of yours or others education.


Someone who doesn't enjoy a truly multi-cultured experience. Someone looking to sit in the back of the class and breeze his way through. Someone who is not looking for a fun environment in a great location.


The only kind of person who should not attend SMC is someone who does not have to desire to further their education or gain knowledge. However, SMC has many different programs and counseling centers that welcome all different kinds of students.


A kind of person that shouldn't attend SMC is one that does not take his/her education seriously and only takes it for granted. Especially in todays economy, money is low, and classes are always cut. It is essential for students to take their education seriously or else they will not be able to afford it at all. SMC is one of the few good community colleges around that rates high in UC transfers, and these people who transfer are people like me, who are willing to learn and take their education seriously for future success.


Someone who dislikes high concentrations of students should not attend this school. Someone who does not like diversity should not go to this school. Someone who does not enjoy beautifl weather and being by the ocean should not go to this school. Also. a student who cannot be flexible with their schedule should notattend this school because classes fill up incredibly quick and it;s hard to get the schedule you want.


The person looking for extracurricular activities should not attend this school. Although their are extracurricular activities, not many people are involved in them. Most of the people that attend this school go to class and then go home. It's not a very sociable school.