Santa Monica College Top Questions

What's unique about your campus?


The best thing about my school are the teachers. I feel that there are a lot of competent teachers that are aware of how each students have different learning style. I feel that they really care about the students and they motivate us to want education for ourselves because it's for our future. Teachers encourage independence but they teach us to not lose focus.


The best thing about Santa Monica College is the education you recieve from outstanding reputable professors. Most of my professors have their PhD's and are experts in their fields. I've also had professors that taught at other respectable schools such as UCLA and UC Berkeley. You get an amazing education while saving a ton of money.


Santa Monica College is so diverse and that has to be the best thing about it. I am constantly meeting people from other countries which is so enlightening. I've met people from Japan, France, Africa, Englad, Switzerland and even Iran. I love learning about different cultures and traditions and SMC makes that pretty easy for me. It reminds me that the world is bigger than Los Angeles . Most importantly, being surrounded by all these different cultures helps me keep my mind open to new people and ideas.


There are many nice things about my school, but the best would probably have to be the professors. The professors are there to teach you and help you with any question you might have regarding the class. I've encountered professors that actually care about passing you and will tell you to focus some more if they feel you are slacking. Some professors have actually gave their classes study guides, which they need not to do for the students. So I have much respect for them because they actually take more time out of their schedules to accomadate us.


My school has a lot of programs to offer. It has many clubs to choose from such as Christian Clubs, Asian American Association, International Clubs and many other things. The class schedule is also very flexible . I can either take online classes or take in class or hybrid. Many classes are being offered at my school. Security is excellent around campus. There is camera surveillance all around campus. I feel safe walking around campus even at night. I like how the school provide bus transportation for free if you are a student regardless of income.


The best thing about my school is the teachers because they teach to your stong points and help improve on your weakest points.


Santa Monica College proves wrong that the sterotype of "community colleges" is less than an university. In many ways, Santa Monica College has many benefits in comparison to attending a four year university. The best thing about my school is that the teachers show great care in helping students to succeed. Professors have accessible office hours for students to come in for help. They are more than willing to write recommendations for jobs, schools, and even scholarships.


Santa Monica College provides an exceptional opportunity for a student to change their academic standing in the eyes of other universities. It has a well established, highly respected curriculum if in which one receives high marks they will be considered a good student despite previous downfalls. Santa Monica College also offers a wide variety of courses to the non-transfer student who only wishes to enrich their understanding of a particular field.


The best thing about my school is that there is a large and broad degree of classes and majors to choose from. This allows for a broader education for he 63,000 students in my school, and this also creates a mass diversity of people to talk to. I believe that is very important becouse a dieverse envoroment teachs us to be more tolerable with each other.


We are able to learn from different cultures and have the same goals and ambitions to transfer to a 2 year university.