Santa Rosa Junior College Top Questions

Describe the students at your school.


Many of my classmates are recent high school graduates, which makes the fact that they are largely polite, non-disruptive, and generally confident individuals rather unique, but Santa Rosa is a very culturally-diverse, and socially aware town on the whole, so I suppose that should not be altogether too surprising.


Focused, hard working, and driven to accomplish their educational goals.


Casual, non competitive, not very diversified, but they all seem very willing to talk and be nice to everyone else.


My classmates are very diverse in many ways.


While my classmates at Santa Rosa Junior College vary in age,race and circumstances, the one thing that brings us together is the desire for higher education.


My classmates are a mixture of races and very bright and intuitive.


My classmates are all very diverse intelligent and straightforward people with thoughts on their minds, goals in their sights, and ambitions in their hearts.


My classmates are extremely diverse, coming from so many different backgrounds and headed to so many different walks of life, but they are all taking classes to learn and to mature to another stage in life.


Wonderful people who desire for you to grow along with them; to pursue the same career path and goal.