Santa Rosa Junior College Top Questions

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I love my college for so many reasons. First, the campus is covered with trees and greenery, creating a peaceful environment. After visiting possible four-year universities to transfer to, I realized how much of an asset the greenery truly is. Second, the college truly works to help every single student succeed, which is refreshing compared to the large universities which attempt to weed out students in every way possible. Lastly, the professors are incredible. They are high-quality, passionate professors, and it is obvious they truly love teaching. Having such high quality professors is the strongest motivating force possible.


The best thing about the SRJC is their financial aid packages.


To be honest, absolutely nothing. One thing to consider is that it is a very mellow school, not a party neighborhood at all. This may not be the experience you are looking for, but on a personal note i am achieving much more academically than if i was living elsewhere.


First off the SRJC is one of the few colleges that offer online classes that I would be able to transfer the credits over to a four year university. They have a campus in my home town that has everything you can think of to help you learn. There website offers most of the same amenities that the campus offers. You can order books online and use the library. The online class system makes you feel like you are right in class.


The SRJC is a rich environment in the sonoma county valley. The campus is full of students who are happy to be there and have goals in mind. The courses are rich and the teachers are well educated, and truly make classes a joy not a chore.


The Santa Rosa Junior College has a great selection of courses, along with faculty and staff that are extremely helpful, positive, and encouraging. They truly want to you to succeed. The campus is beautiful! Brick buildings set among a landscape of lush green lawns, oak trees, and colorful flowers. Its centrally located, accessible to everyone. There's a sense of friendliness and peacefullness with a relaxed atmosphere on campus. There's a new library and parking garage; an art gallery; museum; planetarium; an auditorium; along with several other buildings. This college is rated one of the best in the nation.