Santa Rosa Junior College Top Questions

What do you consider the worst thing about your school? Why?

Oliver Salvador

So much freedom can be damaging


The school is somewhat spread out and distant in terms of social interaction. It may just be me, but I sense everyone wants to move on as quickly as possible. Likely because it is a junior college, there is an emphasis on transferring to a four-year school, thus people do not take the time to interact as often.


The worst thing about this school is, in my opinion, is finding parking; it can be impossible at times.


With sky rocketing tuition for four year colleges more students are going to the Junior College to save money, which in turn creates limited parking on a daily basis. The college probably gives out too many parking passes than necessary. Only 40 minutes is the maximum waiting time for a parking spot. Biking and use of public bus systems are encouraged to reduce the number of single person drivers.


The worst thing about this school is parking. Parking can get messy, very competative, and often students are late to class becasue of how impacted the parking lots are.


The worst thing about my school, is that funding has been cut, and due to this there are a number of classes that have been cut as well. Most of the mathmatics and science classes are very competitive to get into due to limited space in labs and class rooms. There is just not enough sections of the science classes.


The worst thing about Santa Rosa Junior College would be the fact that there is no parking. There is nothing worse than waking up an hour early and driving to school an hour before class starts to try and find parking. Then, once you arrive, you drive around for another hour dodging those certain individuals who can't drive, being a victim of a honking horn, or waiting for someone to decide that at the last minute, they rather take that left. SRJC is a great school, but come on folks, do the math. More students equals more parking.


Too close to home for me. Traffic and parking are always a nightmare unless you have a really early or late class. A good portion of the teachers that I have had aren't that great at their jobs, but the teachers that are good at their jobs are amazing.


Parking gets a little rough, other wise its really nice. Oh and the financial aid office is uneducated when it comes to students information.


I consider the lack of funds to be the worst thing about my current school, Santa Rosa Junior College. A lack of funding has contributed to less classes being offered and classes being prematurely cancelled if they do not meet the quota of having 20 or more enrolled students.


Santa Rosa Junior College is reconized as the second best community college in the United States. However, the worst thing of Santa Rosa Junior College is that there are a lot of students that attend this campus, and there is not a lot of parking lots. Every day is a big problem, sometimes you have to wait for an hour or more in order to find one parking. Santa Rosa Junior College should do something else to avoid this problem.


the textbooks, they are the only downer at the school and 95{4a082faed443b016e84c6ea63012b481c58f64867aa2dc62fff66e22ad7dff6c} of the students will agree who don't have the money to afford them.


The worst thing about my school is the inadequate transfer preparation. The school could do a lot more to inform the students and clarify the transfer program.