Santa Rosa Junior College Top Questions

What's unique about your campus?


The campus staff is one of the most helpful that I've seen. There 's a wide variety of classes you can take so you'll most likely find the ones you're looking for.


Santa rosa JC feels like a very small school. Although 40k students attend every year, I was still able to have personal relationships with most of my professors.


Santa Rosa Junior college works hard to maintain a UC Berkley standard. If you are intending to transfer to a UC or CSU, SRJC is a great place to start. You will be prepared to be competitive in University application and classes as well as complete the first half of your undergraduate degree for a much reduced price. And don?t worry, even though you don?t pay university prices you will receive a university education. Most people that I have spoken who have transferred to a California State University claim that their classes were actually easier at the university.


The best thing about SRJC is the high caliber of classes it offers and the dedication of the students who attend. It offers classes in the very basic to the very advanced, so there is something for all interest levels. It also allows you to be around people who are just as dedicated to a subject as you are. The students who are not as dedicated filter out so that you are left with the ones who care and want an education.


I love the fact that the SRJC has so much to offer the adult reentry student. They understand that the adult that is coming back to school has other priorities. I have two daughters and one on the way. I was able to go back to school because they have online classes that allow me to stay home with my little ones and still get an education.


Santa Rosa is committed to helping students achieve their goals. This is demonstrated by the numerious programs that they offer.


Santa Rosa Junior College is considerate the second best college, this an amazing news because it means we have the best teacher and the second best campus. In this college every teacher and counselar help us to succed, they are very helpful and they take care of us. The best thing of Santa Rosa Junior College is the that diversity of people are very respectfull, everyone is a friend, that why we have the best community and the best teachers around the country.


The best thing about my school is that I have the opportunity to receive a higher education while staying close to my home. It is rewarding to see my parents and they can see the progress I have made in my education.


Our school's campus is wonderful, and most of the professors are inspired and interesting. There's a really amazing Physical Anthropology course which I almost wish I didn't excel in, just so I could take it again!