Santiago Canyon College Top Questions

What should every freshman at your school know before they start?


I would tell myself to not get discouraged by others. I was not as fortunate as other students who got support from their parents and teachers. Throughout my high school career I was told that I would not even make it out of high school. I have always struggled with school, but I feel that if I had received the help and support I needed I would have been more successful. I decided to go to a community college straight out of high school because I was not presented with more options. My high school math teacher told me I was "not going to go anywhere" with my life, my counselor refused to let me retake my Algebra 2 course because according to her "you're going to community college, you won't need it". Even my mother discouraged me from applying to the Cal State system; saying "you're not going to get in anyway". I found out the hard way that everyone was wrong. I am working hard towards my career goals and I am doing my best to prove them wrong. I can succeed if I set my mind to it.


The only thing I would change about my senior year of high school would be to take a science class. I know that because I haven't taken one in what will be two years, I will have a hard time remembering everything. If I would of taken one then I could of started off at a higher level of science in community college. I was too caught up on wanting to get out of school early that I didn't bother to take that extra class.


If I coul go back to the time when I was a High School senior, I would say many things to myself. I would tell myself to start planning for college right away and not wait until the last minute to apply. Alsa, to apply to more than one school in case my first choice is not available. The most important thing I would say to myself would have to be, to encourage myself to continue working hard to maintain a good academic standing and to start saving for college.


"Sticks and stones may break your bones, but words will never hurt you." I really should have payed attention to this quote throughout my high school journey. If I were able to travel back in time and revisit myself as a high school senior I would like to have been more confident about myself as well as the future. Throughout high school, I was unsure about the educational path I would choose, whether it be attending a university or community college. I was pressured by peers and teachers to aim for a four-year university, but now that I look back at my final decision, attending a community college first was the correct choice for me. I also would have liked to have been more confident in myself. After graduation a weight seems lifted. All cliques disinigrate and people tend to uncover their true being. I would have liked to have been unafraid and more positive with myself and gut instinct.


I would tell myself to apply at the 4 years university because California won't have the money later to let you transfer in. So get in now while you can! It's not fair that you live in California and you can't get into the schools.


If I could go back in time and talk to myself as a high school senior knowing what I know now about college life and making the transition to college I would tell myself that stright A's and honors classes are so important to transfer into a great educational institution. I would also tell myself that partying and hanging out with friends is not anywhere near as imporant or fun until you have experienced how it is in college so I should buckle down, study more, and get good grades.


i would have told myself, save money. focus on what you really want to do with your life. be prepared. study study study.


Wow, if I could go back to High School and give myself advice about college I would start of by telling myself to pay attention! As a high school senior my objective was just to pass the class and graduate. Everything teachers were teaching went in through one ear and out through another. I would of told myself to pay attention because I wouldn't have to struggle with college taking two intermedial math classes. I was back to high school just in college. Even though it made better sense the second and third time it was a waste of money and time for me. I would of also told myself to start getting the college experience. I could of done that by taking AP classes and getting ahead of myself. It would of helped me finish quicker. I would also learn to appreciate the time teacher gave us to do work because in college everything feels rushed. This High School advice would help me be better prepared for college. That being said, you live and you learn so this second time around I am certaintly doing things the right way.