Sarah Lawrence College Top Questions

Describe the students at Sarah Lawrence College.


Not so many interested in science or practical careers Lots of people come from money Most people learning just to learn Politically aware students Not money focused students


It's rated the number 2 most liberal school in the country, and honestly, it may have been robbed. It's a great school for anyone who is open minded and nonjudgmental though. If you're conservative, you won't be jumped on or ravaged so long as you accept others' views and refrain from judging their choices. I know a few conservatives on campus and they seem perfectly content. Socio-economically, it's pretty varied. It IS the most expensive school in America (woo.) but something like 75{4a082faed443b016e84c6ea63012b481c58f64867aa2dc62fff66e22ad7dff6c} of the student body receives aid, so there is a decent range. Stylistically, people tend to be pretty well-dressed actually. We're close to New York, lots of chic black or brown ensembles. Hipsters mixed about. And then there are the true sarah lawrence characters - a girl who dresses like little bo peep, wearing comi-con costumes, etc. But those are outliers. People tend to express themselves pretty freely, so that takes on many different forms.


Students at Sarah Lawrence will surprise you. You see people hanging out that you would not expect to hang out. A person would feel out of place at Sarah Lawrence if they are close-minded. If you are not open to new experiences; if you are not tolerant- welcoming, even -of differences; if you are not willing to learn from the people around you, you would find it difficult to be at Sarah Lawrence College. Racism and homophobia are rare, if they occur ever, and widely frowned upon. Campus-wide there is always an effort being made toward equality, from men, from women, from minorities, from the LGBTQ community- from everyone. Someone who doesn't enjoy the process of learning, of discovery, would not find themselves comfortable at SLC because the education is piloted by the student, not the administration. It is your passions, so your interests, your desires, first and foremost, that navigate your education here. The dress norm at Sarah Lawrence is colorful. It ranges from the most chic, fabulous and stylish runway-esque wardrobes to the most unique, unexpected and over the top. Whatever a person's style is, you'll see it in the classroom, and everywhere else. There are students here from all over the world and from all over the country. Many from California and New York, but also from Oregon, Maine, Michigan, Vermont, and more. International students come from countries such as Sweden, India, Lebanon, and more.


Freinds for life.


My classmates are a strange variety of people, expressive and comfortable with the world around them, they let their creative ideas take flight and follow through in order to change the world around them in a creative and positive way.


The students.... To put it bluntly, Sarah Lawrence is a haven for rich, white, Jewish girls. Stereotypical, but very true. The tuition and fees are steep, and it's very surprising, when you're here, to see just how often some people can afford to go on shopping sprees in NYC (which is just a half hour train ride away!) There are some very active demographic groups on campus, particularly in terms of religions--namely Judaism, but also Christian sects and Eastern religions. There isn't a high international/ethnic population on campus, and those students tend to stick together and not branch out as much, in my experience. However, there is a vibrant queer presence on campus. Queer People of Color, TransAction, and Queer Voice Coalition are the three main groups, and they put on events throughout the year (including something phenomenal called GenderFuck Symposium). If you are a liberal, communist, socialist, atheist, queer, or anarchist, you'll find a group of likeminded people here--Sarah Lawrence is a liberal haven, but there are a fair number of conservatives. The population tends to come from SLC's reputation as a hippie-arts school, as well as its proximity to New York City.


SLC folk are smart, viciously independent, politically active, and creative. You’ll have to fend off the too-cool-for-schoolers and the I-know-more-bands-than-you hipsters, but for the ost part you’ll find that the students are a breath of fresh air. Everyone seems to be working on something, planning something, about to travel somewhere. The student body, once you find your niche, can be a wealth of ideas and friendship and future contacts.


inteligent, creative, interesting, at times self-important individuals


liberal artistic hipsters


They are artistis, interesting people with strong passions and minds.