Sarah Lawrence College Top Questions

What do you consider the worst thing about Sarah Lawrence College? Why?


The social scene was very tight knit. Sometimes it felt like a high school.


Campus Community.


I think the worst thing is the requirement to take lecture classes. We only take three classes each semester, sometimes three year-long classes. Requiring that some of them be lectures takes away from the fact that many of us specifically chose Sarah Lawrence for the seminar style classes of only 12-15 people.


Most people are very clique-y. Once people find their group of friends (usually within the first week) it's hard for them to expand their group at all. A lot of times the groups are pretty divided with socio-economic barriers.


i'm upset there aren't more african american students. I'm upset we don't do things with other colleges or schools. but that's about it.


Its isolation and high cost.


The social life at Sarah Lawrence is the school's true downfall. The type of student the school attracts is generally very smart, creative, intresting, and funny, and yet it is a very difficult place to make friends. Part of that has to do with the school's nearness to NYC--students flee for the city on weekends to visit high schools friends who are now living there. There isn't enough happening on campus to keep students satisfied. Still, it's unfair to blame to the school; who can compete with NY?


You interview with all of your professors before you enroll in their class to make sure you get along and the class discription meets your needs. But not your Don who is your most important faculty member, as they are going to advise you for four years, not to mention they teach your FYS


That there is no scoo spirit. There is no sense of community among students at all on this campus. There are no sports, or very few, and the sports that there are are just a joke. The students here are not very friendly and it is very clique-y.