Sarah Lawrence College Top Questions

What's the most frustrating thing about Sarah Lawrence College?


I've found the most frustrating thing about Sarah Lawrence College to be it's dance program. While the dance faculty are all of incredibly high standing within the dance community, and while the college speaks quite highly of it's dance program, many people find it to be quite disappointing. The program focuses almost entirely on the mental/artistic aspects of dance. While this is important to the art of dance, I have found that the program does not place any importance on the technical/physical aspects of dance, which is quite frustrating.


Sarah Lawrence 's most frustrating aspect is that there seems to be a lack of communication between the adminstration and the student body. Communication about classes, registration, financial aid, etc., is extremely frustrating because there is no leadership or direction provided for the student. A lot of my time at Sarah Lawrence has been spent figuring out the course selection process or how to turn in my tuition check by myself.


the social life and the availability of classes


Tuition, it is very expensive.


Students here talk a lot, but there isn't enough emphasis on going out and actively interning, working, volunteering, etc. The campus is rather isolated (though very close to the train into Manhattan) and feels like an idyllic utopia full of brilliantly creative and flawed people. It's easy to feel cloistered and suffocated, and while it's nice to know your neighbors, new people would be nice. I tried to encourage more interaction with other colleges (a debate club would make TONS of sense for Sarah Lawrence!) but to no avail. We're bookish, but lazy. Or just shy?


Transfering can be a little tricky because not all the classes are standardized. also, you really need to be creative and self motivated to complete your course work successfully. the students design their own curriculum.


Some beaurocracy, especially considering how expensive it is.