Sarah Lawrence College Top Questions

What's unique about your campus?


The education cannot be matched. One on one conference sessions with professors led to independant thinking and creativity.


The best thing about Sarah Lawrence is its alternate education system. My favorite part of the school is its registration. A week before classes begin, you choose classes that you think you'd enjoy, and you interview with the professor. This means that you sit one-on-one (unless it's a group interview, in which a professor just speaks about his/her course) and ask the professor what their course will be like. You can see if you like the professor, and more importantly, if you'd like the course.


I think the best thing about my school is all the opportunities. UCF literally does stand for opportunities. I feel that I am able to succeed in the classroom. UCF also provides tools that help me succeed in life. If I am having a difficult time in a particular class, there is free tutoring offered at UCF. If I need to find a job, career services will help me with my resume. If I have any questions about graduate school, careers, or classes, then there's an advisor that can help me. All of these things are easily accessible.


Everyone is passionate about something academic or artistic.


I think that the academics are really incredible and even when it seems like you are not learning much or enjoying your classes, you really do end up taking a lot out of your classes even if it is just a great fact you learned from another student.


The quality of education, absolutely. The class sizes contribute to the necessity of students doing the best work they can. Because discussion is so emphasized, students are able to share their ideas and gain insight from their classmates and professors.


focus on the individuals desire to learn, invidiaul research projects, etc.


academic structure


Sarah Lawrence teaches its students how to learn. It teaches us how to opperate comfortably as individuals in a very often constricting world. It also provides us with the tools to follow our dreams sucessfully.


The faculty are really knowledgable, engaging, and encouraging. The small class size allows a more in depth coverage of subject matter and creates a dynamic in which classes can be geared toward the specific needs of the individuals in the class. The campus is also beautiful; being close to the city but having enough distance.


The academics here are amazing, they're the only reason that I'm still at this school. The teachers are dedicted and friendly and genuinly interested in their students and their subjects.


The best thing about SLC is, without question, the learning experience; going to this school is the difference between being a student, and being a scholar.