Savannah College of Art and Design Top Questions

Describe the students at your school.


My classmates are the most diverse set of people I've ever seen in my life.


The students are interesting! there are jocks, fashion majors that are your basic popular groups, the gamers, the partiers. It's such a friendly environment; there's never bullying because everyone is artsy and respects everyones talent.


The students are friendly, creative, very respectful, and not afraid to express themselves in their own way.


real people who arent afraid to be themselves and explore the unknown.


Classmates are very focused and helpful


My classmates are are all artists; in a giant melting pot of personality and culture, we are all creative, energetic, and dedicated to learning.


Many of my classmates are astonishingly creative and driven to devote their full attention to their work, even at the cost of sleep (SCAD, as they say, stands for Sleep Comes After Death); as well, many are quite introverted and quiet.


My classmates are incredibly artistic and among some of the best artist in the US, they provide a challege to me to increase my skills as well as a peer support group. We're a family.


I feel that my classmates, even with the various different backgrounds, interests, majors, and attitudes, all work together to succeed and accomplish what they truly love to do.


My classmates are some of the most social, caring, and hard-working people I have ever had the pleasure to work with.


My classmates are talents and very interesting individuals who simply want to learn to better their skills and knowledge.


My classmates are friendly, competitive and goal oriented.


All the students at my school are hard working, talented young adults who are passionately pursuing their careers.


They can heavily influence your overall performance in class.


Talented -- I've taken classes at my local community college as well, which did provide a vast range of talents and skill-levels. At SCAD everyone that I've encountered is very good with the art and design aspect and it's kind of heartening that I fit into something like that.


My classmates are all hard workers. Along with making friends and networking, there is a lot of competition.


My fellow peers are both professional and mature, having graduated from high school behavior, but yet still keep their sence of humor.


Students here are mostly rich snobs. Clubs act exclusive and aren't really open to the occasional visitors or anyone who hasn't been there since day one. They're also not very open to the new members that join at the beginning, they provide a very fake welcome. If you're anything but upper class you'll probably feel out of place. You'll also probably starve. Almost no one eats at the dinning halls. The food is pretty bad (just one step above high school cafeteria food) and the dinning hall has terrible hours and is almost never open. You can actually save a lot of money by canceling your meal plan. Most people wear designer to class. Everyone is big on their fashion. Watch out for the fashion majors too, most of them put themselves on a tier above everyone else. It's like a separate college. I actually know a lot of people who have changed their major from Fashion to something else because of the people in that major. People are from everyone at SCAD. For real. There's a lot of international students, and a lot of people that come from the West Coast. You'll definitely meet someone from every state here.


Again, Stuck up, snobbish, middleschoolers.


Very diverse and just a lot of people who really like to have fun.


My classmates are inspirational individuals with visionary goals and down- to- earth genuiness.


Outstanding leaders, mentors and healthcare professionals serving their communities in the field of pharmacy.


I won't be starting College until the Fall.


Most of my classmates seem pretty goal-oriented. The have a vision and somewhere that they're trying to go. They also seem eager to network and meet new people like me. Just like any school ther also exists the people who seem stagnant or don't really have a passion for learning but they are few.


They are diverse, smart, talented, commited people that seem to understand me more than any other people I know.


Enthusiastic about their field of studies, but unprepared to appoarch companies for job opportunities.


My classmates are eager to learn more about their artistic endeavors and are excited to see what artistic career they will have in the future.


My colligues are an endless parade of talent, and creativity with whom I have the extreme pleasure of working in close contact.


My classmates were fun, extremely dedicated, and a little bit shy.


My classmates run the gamut from experienced sketch artists to beginnger fashion marketing students, from all corners of America and the globe, coming together to present and share their unique life experiences in each Drawing I and Design 101 class. We are quite diverse.


My classmates are very expressive and creative, with an awareness of sustainability and the trends toward the future of design.


My classmates ae hard workers and don't mind giving there all aned all.


They are open to new ideas and show a new outlook on a subject where I would not have gone.


My classmates over a short period of time have showcased a wide range of talent. I attend an art school and every time I see a classmate outperform me it doesn't make me jealous it makes me want to perform. I feel like I'm learning alot by working with them and by watching them work.


They are enthusiastic individuals that want nothing more than to learn how to spend their life successfully practicing art.


Everyone is very friendly and helpful.


The students at the college are very career driven and focused, but the student body is so tight-knit, that you'll never be bored or lonely on campus.


My classmates are all unique, creative individuals.


Very eclectic. Everyone is different, does their own thing and no one judges.


My classmates are inspirng; whether they like the class or not, there's always something to learn from them.


My classmates are eager to work, willing to learn something new everyday, and very competitive.


My classmates are all very artistic and have a great out-look on life, the majority of the student here are here to work hard and "kick-butt" in this industry.


My classmates ar completely different from one another, coming from different backgrounds, different parts of the world and having different views, but everyone is accepting of eachother because we all understand we're here for the same reason, and doing the same amount of work for our degree.


Students are diverse, but can be "clique-ish;" their talents are equally diverse - some are prodigic, some are a "tuition-farm."


My classmates tend to all be opposites, everyone has their own style and beliefs so you will hardly meet the same personality twice.


My classmates are great to be around and help me progress in my work by being supportive and offering honest critiques and feedback.


Curious about the discovery of the new.


Fellow classmates at scad are very diverse in every way you could imagine, but at the same time, they are generally very accepting and loving people.


Your classmates at Savannah College of Art and Design with range from extremely talented students to the huge slacker that is just at school to party.


My classmates are excited about learning new things.