Savannah College of Art and Design Top Questions

Is the stereotype of students at your school accurate?


Yes, everyone here is extremely rich and snobish. You rarely ever see people hanging out in groups bigger than 3. It's extremely cliqueish. I heard that most people here are on scholarships and are middle class- that's bull shit. If you can't afford to eat out every meal, don't come here. The rest you only see in class because all the art geeks and very talented artists (probably the ones that are actually normal compared to the snobs) stay in their room or in the studio making art alone because their scared one of the ditzy snobs will steal their ideas. There's also a lot of pot heads.


The weird part is mostly true. The geeky part is even more true, and the rich snobbish part is DEFINITELY true


To some extent yes. Its not a cheap school. But I am finding it to be worth what I am paying. As for the geeks, perhaps I am one of them, but everyone seems cool and there is lots of diversity. There are some serious art students here.