Savannah College of Art and Design Top Questions

What kind of person should not attend this school?


SCAD is not a state school where students go to be a part of sports, Greek life, and partying. SCAD is a conglomerate of people from all over the world who are focused on becoming extraordinary artists who will have a lasting effect on society. Prospective students interested in a college social scene should not attend SCAD.


If you are not creative and don't like drawing you shouldn't attend this school because foundation art classes are required for all majors. Also, if you have poor time management skills you won't do well.


one that is not devoted to their career path


SCAD Students should love art and being surrounded by people who are quirky and weird but also in credibly kind. Anyone that doesn't like art or is an introvert probably wouldn't fit in here.


SCAD is a school full of students who do what they love, and love what they do. There is a moderately heavy work load, and a high amount of students who are always partaking in the extra activities that SCAD has to offer outside of classes. If you dont desire making new friends from various backgrounds, working hard, learning new skills constantly, and sleepless nights, this is definitely not the place for you.


If someone isn't serious about work, they shouldn't attend this school. You have to have a passion and drive to do what you love here. Take my major, animation, for example. If I didn't have the passion to create these cartoons, the work load would be overwhelming, and I would inevitably give up.


If you lack the committment, and focus that a hard-working student should have, then SCAD isn't the place for you. You have to be able to work at a fast steady-pace, and be willing to put in the extra hours. Aside from that, there is only one more thing you'll need - cash. It's something I simply just don't have enough of, nor does the majority of the college population. So if you are a student strapped with cash, and the focus and determination of an elite student, then you, are perfect for SCAD.


Someone who isn't opened minded to the different kinds of ways that art, in any field, can enhance and change your life. Anyone who doesn't have a strong work ethic or the ability to get their work done in a timely fashion, or anyone who doesn't handle deadlines.


If you are not committed to doing your best and making the most out of every moment, then this is not the school for you. Savannah is a city that breathes art and history. Every building tells a story. Be willing to listen to that story and add some chapters of your own.


People who shouldn't attend this school are people that are not open to new ideas, cultures, or activities. Financial obligations should also be considered, as this school is a private institution that is very expensive. Unlike most campuses, this campus utilizes the entire city of savannah - that means classes can be a very lengthy distances; shuttles are not always punctual for those with limited means of transportation. The community is also very unsafe in the evening - a somewhat high level of criminal activity can make one, with late class times and considerable distances to travel, think twice about attending.


Someone with no passion for any form of the arts, people who are lazy and people cannot find financial assistance or have a financial plan after graduating the college.


Most "types" of people fit in well at SCAD because it is so diverse. But, any one who does not possess drive or the will to learn will not do well. Classwork here is very hands on and time consuming.


the kind of person who should not attend scad would be someone not willing to work there butt off for thire art. its a cut throght school, and you have to be able to keep up with the projects and deadlines. but its all worth it to be at scad.


Anyone who thinks they can go to an art school and party all they want should not attend the Savannah College of Art and Design. SCAD is a very serious and prestigous school, and will not tolerate students who are not determined to succeed and work long and hard to acheive their goals.


The only type of person whom I think is ill-suited for SCAD are those who are so analytical that they are unable to be artistic. It is a private art institution so creativity is key, and those who do not embrace change and are unable to be flexible will not do well in their curriculum.


Anywho who feels they have the passion and drive to work through all of the hardships and late nights that come from learning to be a better artist as well as having the ambition to work even when you don't feel up to it.


People who are not passionate about their work should not attend Savannah College of Art and Design. This school is comprised of extremely dedicated and talented students. This school is known for over-preparing its students for their intended careers. The curriculum is rigorous and demanding and caters to the professional world. With that said, this school also integrates athletics with art. We have varsity sports along with intramural sports. This aspect of SCAD attracts a diverse undergraduate class.


Non-artistic, sheltered


One that is not creative.


If you are not interested in Art at all, then this is not the type of school for you. This school is based around all Art programs, and that's it. Even the history classes are based through art.


The people who shouldn't attend this school are people who don't want to work to improve themselves. SCAD is all about growing, learning and becoming better than who you were before. If you aren't willing to work hard, put in the time, and complete projects, going to school is a waste of time. It is also important to be able to come up with creative ideas and ways to solve problems. If self improvment and being willing to learn aren't your idea of fun don't go to school at SCAD.


If you are not willing to work hard to succeed or you are not passionate about the major you would take at SCAD, you shouldn't attend this school, as classes can be intense. If you are not passionate about what you would study at SCAD, it would be pointless to attend, as SCAD is an expensive school and it would be wise to only spend the money if you're serious about what you want to do.


If you are not able to take new things. Many different people attend this school. An artsy person is not a sterotype's pretty much what you would expect.


People who shouldn't attend SCAD would be close-minded, unmotivated, those who think of college as a big party, those who think of college as a means to a higher paycheck, and those who aren't artistically inclined in some way, shape or form.


People who know exactly what it is they want to do here. The college is very expensive and it's not worth $30K+ a year to be here if you don't know what you want to do. If you do know what you want to do, be very smart way ahead of time with financial planning, have back-up planning and view your options (living on or off campus) BEFORE you apply. Apply to community colleges and if you need to transfer, do that.


The only reason someone shouldnt attend SCAD would be because they are not interested in Art and do not want to learn Art. Although i cam to this school not knowing how to draw or had never taken an art class before, I have learned a wealth of information to help me with my career and any task that comes my way.


Someone expecting a conservative, Southern college should probably not attend SCAD. It is a fine school, but it is extremely liberal, and conservative views are often not tolerated and quickly dismissed. Also, SCAD is quite expensive so it is better to figure out a financial plan for all four years before attending. Often, students will get two or three years completed here and then they will find that they are unable to get student loans and financial aid adequate enough to cover the remaining cost of attendance.


SCAD is open to all types of people and is very diverse. Therefore, anyone who is particularly close-minded should not attend this college.




The person who prefers a large university environment should not attend SCAD. I was attracted to SCAD because of its smaller size and the incredible dynamic between professors and students.


A person who does not think they can be creative at all, and one who cannot take constructive criticism.


A conservative, homophobe, lazy, procrastinating person.


This being an art school, it's important that you're focused and sure about what you want to do. The type of person that wouldnt do well is the person who has so sense of urgency, self-control, and people who can't think outside of the box. Even if you graduate with decent grades, if you don't finish with a good portfolio, it's doubtful you will get a good job in the end. You also shouldn't be opposed to networking, as that is a major source of employment.


Students who should not attend the Savannah College of Art and Design include those who are not open minded. In the school community, diversity and individuality are ket aspects of how each student grows. Along with and open mind, students should have some genuine interest in working with the arts as a career. SCAD offers fine art and design, which opens mnay oppurtunities, and therefore anyone with an interest in the arts has ample oppurtunity to do something they love during their lifetime.


Any person that is not open enough to improve themselves as an artist, learn new techniques, work in a highly competitive environment, or take harsh criticisms on their work should not attend this school.


Those who do not take their college career seriously. It is imperative that students do not simply attend just to attend, it is a waist of their money and their parents money. These days if students need time off to find themselves then they should. Those looking for a party need not attend either. Their lack of dicipline not only can hurt them but others around them. The Savannah College of Art and Design deserves the best because it is the best.


A non artistic person, non determined people, lazy people.


A person who is not prepared, and does not want, to learn should not attend. Classes can become rigorous and time-demanding, but students learn a lot and the classes are generally fun to take. Anyone who is close-minded to diversity shouldn't even come to look at the school. We have many types of people at our school, and though some people's choices may not mesh with others, that does not mean that they aren't accepting of each other. We all treat each other fairly and do not judge based on appearances.