Savannah College of Art and Design Top Questions

What should every freshman at your school know before they start?


Once I was accepted into my undergraduate university I then had the opportunity to apply to their film program. My plan for several years had been to major in filmmaking, but unfortunately I was not accepted. To justify the situation, I convinced myself that film had been a foolish choice and that I needed to pick a more reliable major. I chose accounting. I became angry at society, cynical about my classes, my grades declined, and I barely graduated. When I began work at a CPA firm I had a bad attitude. I quit some jobs, lost some jobs, and struggled for ten years with depression and alcoholism hanging my head low as I walked into the office each day. Finally, at age thirty, I gathered the strength to change my life. I sent a short film to some graduate schools. The following fall I nearly wept as I walked into my first class. I was finally working towards the life I wanted. It was 15 years after I graduated high school. If I could have gone back in time and talked to myself then, I would have said to never stop following your dream.


I would tell myself to look into every college around in Georgia and compare them to the current college I go to now. I know my current college is the best in the field I want to major in Georgia, but it is also a private college so Hope and Pell Grant hardly help me out with tuition. If no other college in Georgia offers a decent film program, then apply for more and more scholarships as a high schooler. My biggest worry right now is that I might have to drop out because of not being able to pay and that is something I could have helped myself out in high school.


Please take english AP. It may be your least favorite subject, but you know you could have tested out of college english and it isn't any better here than it is in high school.


If I could go back in time and speak to my younger self in high school I would say “don’t forget to have fun”. Senior year is a stressful and desperate time in trying to apply to your dream college and trying to gather every penny to make your dream happen, but senior year is also the last chance you have to be a kid. Once you’re in college there is no way back. You have become a respected member of the community and you cannot afford to let anyone down. There is no more time for uncertainty because every step you take is one closer to ensuing future.


I will tell myself to work harder in school because if I had better grades I would have gotten more finacial aid. Also I would have told myself to apply sooner for scholarships and to not give up on going to the college of my dreams. It is a lot of money and any little bit counts but I don't regret going one bit. I just wish at the time I would have appreciated my time there more and make a lot of friends.


It. Gets. Better. Life does not end after high school. You can't choose who you go to high school with because they already live in your town. But there are thousands of high schools all over the country and each one has "that one weird kid" just like you. Just like there's a convention and festival for every interest, there's always someone who likes what you like. You're scared of the unknown, I know. But ignorance is NOT bliss. All the depression, all the frustration, all the fear of a boring job, it's all pointless. You are not alone. There are people like you, who want to do what you want to do. There's a career for it. You CAN make money doing what you love and you should! There is no reason, at all, for you to do anything that makes you unhappy. You have good ideas, so express them! Make them known! Do what you love and learn how to make a career out of it. Be patient, calculating, and above all, never ever abandon your creative side.


What I am started to realize is that the most important decisions in life are the ones that you have the longest to make: take your time. Stay focused, but focus on the present. What is it that currently makes you feel fulfilled? How can you make a career out of this? If you're looking solely to make money, don't go to art school (that's a joke, but also true). If you are looking to expand your way of thinking, travel as much as you can. Stop being so indedpendent and stubborn; if someone offers you help, take it. If someone needs assistance, offer it. You have time for others and yourself: stop stressing. Volunteer more: you enjoy every second of it and you learn just as much in the field as the classroom. Breathe. Trust yourself. Be open. Be honest, especially with yourself. Don't get too comfortable; just because you think design is your calling due to your love of art, don't be afraid to admit that what you really love is helping others explore their imagination. And don't you dare lose that--doing so will make you feel lost: you're not.


the first thing i would tell myself is apply to scholarships first. i would tell myself that because college is going to cost alot no matter where you go, so applying to scholarships first will help me start by saving money for college. the next thing i would tell myself is finish college applications early so i can qualify for big scholarships. it is important to get the application done early so you can be one of the first to get your application looked at and can be considered for a scholarship and to possibly be accepted early. lastly i would tell myself to apply to some in-school schools or community colleges just in case money is scarce or i dont get accepted into an out-of-state school.


If I could talk to my high school senior self, I would say, "Mikhaila, congratulations on being accepted to SCAD, A.K.A. the college of your dreams! You have come a long way since you were that awkward 14 year old freshman, and for this, I truly congraulate you. even though you are thinking, 'Yes! I'm so done with this school and all of its immature students,' don't forget that college is a school, too. I'm not trying to say this in a negative manner. All I'm say is that now, it is all up to you to keep up with your studies and to meet your deadlines. Personal responsibility is the key to success in college. Furthermore, don't forget to have some fun. Even though becoming a freshman all over again can seem a bit scary, remember that you are not the only one feeling this way. Socialize with other freshman once you're in college, and make new friends. Now, I know that sounds cliche, but every single word is true. Your college years are suppose to be the best time of your life, so make it count while making smart choices."


If I could could give my past self advice the first is, choose the school you want most. Sure the other school gave you more money in funding but its cold in Baltimore and cold is not our favorite. They may seem all nice and eager but you'll enjoy the warmer school better and girl that navy guy he's history. You know he's cute and sweet but making a desicion on where to go for school because of him is just wrong. Enjoy yourself but dont go overboard. I know hunting for scholarships is boring and none of your friends are doing it but, sit down and do it. It's boring not fun and yeah it does knock down yourself of steam since we're not academic geniuses, but how are you going to pay for college? The first step to our dream is not improving our talent, thats what the school is for, but getting the money to improve your talent. Oh and wine is important but live on campus for a quarter girl you know that cat hair is not your best friend, people are your friends. Good girl be social.


I would go back and tell myelf that you should do your best and keep striving to exceed in your skills. You don't need to mess around because it could jeopardize your opportunities in life. Do not let people get you down about what it is you want to do with your life, just believe that God is going to make a way and he will. Do not take any advice that you dont believe will help you and don't let not having material objects bother you. stick with God and your mother because they have always been there for you. They believed you when nobody else did and they will continue believe in you. Just continue to believe that the best is yet to come.


If there was one thing in life that I could do over it would be my preparation for college and higher learning. I didn’t do enough to secure funding for college therefore; I am now struggling to go back to school because I didn’t do the necessary steps to secure for my future financially. If I could have a do over I would started looking and applying for scholarships earlier and I would map out a concrete plan and an agenda to follow. I would seek out all types of financial options that would be beneficial such as loans, grants, scholarships, and foundations. I have learned to take advantage of all opportunities and not procrastinate or expect for things to come to you but take the initiative for the future. I know now that I would have done things differently and even though I don’t have the opportunity for a do-over I still have a chance to make a difference in my life and become more proactive in everything I do.


Dear High School me, I know how excited you are and how ready you are to face the world and solve all of the problems in it. I know you believe that this is your only chance to leave this dusty old town and run as fast as you can away. I know that you honestly believe that your parents are out dated and out of touch. I know that if you could see us three years ago you would be ashamed at the way our life was going. I know. Even though I know all of these things I know you will not listen to any warnings or suggestions on how to do better. We can be stubborn at times. However please slow down high school me, please stop rushing. Life is long and you will figure out what you want to do and you will see the world, its just going to take a little longer than most. So show up, be present and be resilient. Do not let cattiness get you down. Younger you was on the right track with art and dance. Do not forget your passions. Pay attention to the world around you. Love, me


I wouldtell myself to do better than my best in high school. I would want myself to really over achieve and get all A's. I would also try to take more art classes and grow in my art. So that when the time came to apply for the college I am at now I would have outstanding grades and a good portfolio to present so that I could recieve better scholarships. I think as a high school student a lot is taken as granted. In high school I didn't even know if I was going to go to college so I started doing everything so late. I am a first generation hispanic college student and I didn't really know anything about college. I had to learn a lot on my own and am glad to be where I am now. I just wish I was more prepared financially.


The advice I would give myself as a high school senior is make sure the price is afforable to be able to achieve your dreams, but no matter what college I choose, I will be successful in the career that I choose.


Dear Alex, I’m sitting in my dorm room, wondering, “Did I make the right choice, choosing SCAD? Am I happy?” Mostly yes, but when choosing a college I was so focused on the educational aspect, I neglected to consider what helps me thrive and where I wanted to live for the next four years. Some of my passions, like snowboarding and other outdoor activities I enjoyed home in Oregon, are seriously lacking in Savannah! Maybe with more research, you could find an excellent school that has the geography and the education you are looking for. Once you make a choice don’t question it! When you get homesick and doubts creep in, focus on the reasons you made your decision and on aspects you can enjoy now. Be happy in the moment, knowing that even though some of your favorite things are not surrounding you – you are adaptable. Who knows what new pastimes you’ll find to be passionate about. Whatever you do, don’t make comparisons: high school to college, old friends to new friends, being home to being away. College is all new and different, it is what it is - enjoy.Love, A more knowledgeable you


Don't fall behind in the textbook readings, and don't procrastinate homework that's not due until the end of the semester. Stay on top of your homework, and manage your time wisely. Always allow enough time to properly study for upcoming quizzes and exams. High school is a breeze, college can be both easy and hard. Challenge yourseld as much as possible, but don't overstress yourself. Have fun, and good luck!


Self, I want you to stay excited about the college you will be going to for the next few years - there will be plenty of time to catch up with Animation after you've graduated, and SCAD nor Ringling nor CalArts will be going anywhere. Instead, spend this time exploring: explore the campus, explore your relationships, explore the majors and the student groups, but most importantly, explore yourself. They never tell you that there is so much more to the self than which career would suit you best. Take as many classes as you can across all the majors (except, maybe, stay away from taking 21 units in a quarter - that was a mistake, even if the failure turned out to be pretty funny), take feminist studies and film studies and computer science. Create a niche for yourself to grow into, and for whatever you want to do, know that tenacity and a willingness to show up in person at the administration's workplace will always put you miles ahead. Most importantly, remember that you can always take a break - your mental health and academic self-confidence are so, so important. Graduation will still be there for you.


Knowing what I know now, if I could go back in time and talk to my high school senior self, I would try to save myself. College is nothing like the public schooling, you've had in the past. For starters, it is extremely expensive and your family doesn't have money to waste. That's why losing focus would be hazardous to commencing your college education. Although you are smart, studying and asking the professor for assistance WILL make the difference between a pass or fail. Do not for one second assume that you don't need help. You will be given so many oppurtunities to form study groups or meet with a professor. Do not pass them up! Lastly, understand who you are. Understand your limits. You've always been an A and B student, but college is different. A high GPA isn't just something to boast about. It is essential to receiving certain aid and many benefits. Once it drops it is so hard to bring up. So stay focused. Know who you are. Know what you want. If you do these things, you can NOT fail!


"Hey, kid! I know you're excited about attending SCAD but just because you're accepted does not mean you can completely ignore the fact that the school is incredibly expensive. Do a ton of scholarships! Even the small ones that do not pay much because in all actuality those small ones will only add up and help you with tuition, books, and supplies. Also, I know you will probably go looking for a part time job in the meantime. Look into working on campus instead. They may pay you minimum wage and they might not even give you a lot of hours but I promise you you will appreciate the extra time to focus on your work and personal projects to better your portfolio. If you feel the urge to apply outside of school campus, don't. You will hate and regret it. Instead, do more commissions, get those commissions done in a timely manner, and look into internships instead. Again, you will only appreciate it. Most importantly, save your money, pay back loans during school, and continue on applying for more scholarships on a daily basis. If you take heed to my words you will come out flawless."


If I could talk to my high school self, I 'd tell her to be open to change, stay relaxed and be friendly so that you can make as many friends and connections as possible.


If I could give my high school senior self one piece of advice, it would be to follow your heart not your friends. My senior year I didnt apply anywhere. I spent my first two years after high school in a community college that I didnt want to go to. My next two years were at a local state school that I only went to because I got to live with my best friend. Neither place was the right school for me. Instead of listening to my heart and going directly to the school that I wanted to go to I allowed other to influence my future, my life and my bank account. With close to 20, 000 dollars in student loan debt for schools I didnt even want to be at, I learned a valuable lesson that there will be friends no matter where you go. But only you can make yourself happy. Transfering my senior year to SCAD and practically starting over was the best choice I could have made. I just wish I had made it sooner. Its okay to not be sure of what you want to do, just listen to your heart.


Follow YOUR heart, and no one else's. If you want to go to an art school that you have been dreaming of since you were little, don't let your family tell you otherwise. You find that doing what you love is very important. If you spend all of the time in the world doing something that will make you tons of money, but you dont enjoy it, you will be miserable, so be sure you are going to do what you love. You have so much of your life ahead of you. Dont forget about networking either. Knowing someone who knows someone could be the difference between a job or nothing at all. Lastly, enjoy yourself. There will be time for relaxation, whether you believe it or not. Remember this, and you will greatly appreciate what the future has in store for you.


Dear Tierra, I am righting to you because I know a letter would be better than seeing you in person. Right now you are going through a lot, but know that no matter the outcome it will be okay. Collage is ahead and there are things you will need know and understand. When you enter your first year at SCAD you will not be on the same level of all the other students, but that doesn’t mean you are not good. You must understand that no matter what with hard work your potential will blossom. On that note, SCAD is going to require your full attention. No matter what you must be a little selfish. If you don’t have the time to hangout then say so, and do not back from it. If you do it will hurt you greatly. You may have to let old friends go, but the ones who understand are your true friends and will stay around for a long time. P.S. Beware of the “freshmen 40!” You will have all-nighters so have healthy snacks on you or you won’t be able to fit into your cloths! Sincerely, Your future self


If I could go back in time I would tell myself to study like crazy. Going into the world of physical therapy means that I need a world of knowledge of anatomy and physics. I would let my past self know about the rough road ahead and to keep driving and to use every free moment to study. I would also tell myself to get everything done all at once no matter what. I recently went back to school after a 6 year hiatus and it is one of the hardest things that I've ever done and although it has shaped my drive to do as well as I have, I still would want my past self to save every penny and finish the first time through.


I would tell myself to apply for as many scholarships as you can. Take the art skills you possess now and continue to practice them learn to be open to new mediums. Make sure to keep your mind open to new ideas and concepts. Keep a good time management habit. Never give up when things look down. Keep working to the fullest of your abilities.


Don’t delay, apply today; apply to your dream institution, scholarships, and most importantly, apply yourself. Waiting for an opportune time to set your dreams in motion will eventually become tiresome and may influence pessimism when it is not justifiable. Persevering towards a personal goal will not only enhance your chances of accomplishment – it will mold you into a person who is passionate, responsible, and caring of others. Taking care of one’s self is elevated on the totem pole for good reason. For without caring for and encouraging yourself to grow, it is nearly impossible to sincerely help others alongside their own journeys.


In high school, I was, to put it lightly, an introvert. While this served me well as far as pursuing my passion for drawing and art, it handicapped me in exploring other aspects of my high school life. I kept my social circle to a limited number of friends and was a bit closed minded. In short I limited myself. So if I could go back to talk to myself as a highschool senior, I would tell myself: Look at life as an opportunity and take risks. If you don’t take that first step and try new things, you will never know what you may have just missed out on. Trust your friends and don’t be afraid to open up and express your ideas. Don’t keep everything bottled up. Just trust in your friends and talk problems out with them, you will probably feel better and see a whole new way of looking at the situation. Finally, don’t look back and regret what you already have or have not done. Go forward and take whatever mistakes you have made along the way as life lessons to draw upon when faced with new challenges in the future.


I would honestly just tell myself to quit caring what my peers thought about me. I would sit myself down, and talk about how it didn't matter that they thought that a degree in the arts was a bad idea. It's what I want to do, and I should work hard for it. And I would reassure myself that there would be people just like me in college, so making friends would be a piece of cake.


Fill out as many scholarships as possible and invlove yourself in whatever clubs, organizations, and sports available. Start searching for various career fields and find a college that has several of your options.


My advice would be to look forward to all the opportunities available in college life and to be prepared for lots of studying. Assignments are important in that they are not simply busy work, but will be necessary in completing future assignments and will determine how well you do near the end of the semester.


I would advise myself to accept that it's all going to be okay. I tended to overobsess and was very nervous about the transition. However, at SCAD it is very easy to get settled. There are so many events to help meet people and get acclimated. And I would remind myself that EVERYONE feels the exact same way I do. I would prepare myself for hard work, but also some of the best times I'll ever have.


In all honesty, I always originally thought that if I could go back in time and talk to my high school senior self, I'd say to study harder and give it your all. That is until recently. I watched my whole educational life come to a screeching hault because my mother lost approval on my student loan, all because of her divorce this year. So now that I look back on my high school senior self, I'd say live better. By that I mean to try harder in school, work harder at my job, and play harder with my friends. Quite frankly, I'd say to enjoy life because you never know when everything will just fall apart for you. Even after giving myself that advice, I still dont know if it would make things better; since here I am, almost 19 years old with: no job, no money, no car, and sadly almost no education. So yes, my final thoughts are simply to enjoy life.


According to Proverbs 14:23, " All hard work brings a profit, but mere talk leads only to poverty". If I could go back in time and talk to myself as a high school senior, I would talk about the importance of punctuality, focus, and budget. Being punctual is a must in today's society if a person what to be success. This is a reflection on how responsible you use and respect your time as well as others. Some one is always trying to sneak through the back door of your success, so you need to be ready at all times to keep that door closed. In doing so, you will also need to keep a focal point on your goals of the women you want to be. You already are motivated and you know exactly what mindset you need to have to accomplish God's many blessing so stay focused, and not let other's negative remarks affect the unique talent that you have to finish what you started. Last but not least, insufficient funds will hinder your transition. Work harder and budget your money wisely, because attending Savannah College of Art and Design in Atlanta isn't cheap!


Hello, about-to-be-out-of-high-school-me. I know this is all very exciting, to finally be done with this school and onto bigger things, but keep your head on straight and don't lose sight of what's important. You're going to want to take a break and not look at books for a while, which is understandable, but don't do it! Don't succumb to laziness and procrastination. Do everything in your power in the next few months to get as much financial aid as you can. The school you're going to attend in a few years is crazy expensive and it's going to stress mom out a lot (which will drive you crazy). Do your best, you're more capable then you give yourself credit for, you've got loads of latent tenacity. Also, going overseas for school is a phenomenal experience. Living on campus and with people you don't know (this applies to life after college) will be a challenge, but stay even-tempered and remember, everyone has a story. I've got to go now, the TARDIS is in a temporal timeshift. Good luck and God speed.


"The happiness you have always dreamed of touching will not only fully embrace you, dear, sweet, little girl, it will hit you (tackle you, really) so hard, so surprisingly, and so downright fabulously, that you'll want to wake up singing 'Here Comes the Sun' each and every jubilant morning you wake up!" These are the exact words I would (if only I could!) speak to myself as a high school senior preparing to make the terrifying plunge into college life away from home. It's phenomenal: one year at SCAD has already completely transformed me into this courageously confident, challenge-embracing, explosively creative performing artist. I wear a perpetual smile. No longer afraid, I am able to jump blindly into uncertainty and allow my instinct and heart to guide me through trials. I've always known that the value of education is priceless; however, I wish I could have known that my prayers of finding happiness and "the right fit" had already been answered. SCAD is my home and its students are my family. Had I trusted the old, "just relax" adage, I would have found I already had in my hand the key to a lifetime of contentment.


Actually, I would go back even further, to my Junior year, and I would tell myself to stay away from boys because they are trouble. I feel like my Junior year has haunted me. I started to care more about boys than school and my holelife was pretty rough. I went from A's and B's to C's and D's. Then I got pregnant the summer going into my Senior year. I would also tell myself to not let anything come between me and my goals.


First off, I was absolutely parlayed about being so far from home, so I'd tell myself to stop worrying and that I watch too many movies. I was also worried about meeting different people, which was difficult for me in high school. I’d tell myself that everyone that I would meet in my first quarter were just as terrified as you and are like you in anyways. They'll be people that are more different that you too, but they were usually still good, decent people. Just everyone you meet are at least nice, unlike the snotty-artist sterotype. Finally about classes, I’d warn that all the future art classes are difficult but also tell myself incredibly fun and informative. I'd do this, not to scare myself, but to remind myself that I should never slack off, but always put my best work forward. There has never been a time that wondered why I was studying this and that didn’t remind me why I chose this school. Many of the projects I worked on were geared toward preparing the students for the real world work, and some projects are based on real world assignments.


Take time early to choose the school, and consider the financial impact it could have on the future. Also, seek out counseling and more financial services to aid the decison-making process.


Don’t be shy, be confidence and friendly. Be Involve. Be prepare to meet the variety of people from diverse countries and cultures, which may have different perspective, learn from them. Have an open mind attitude at all time. Don’t be afraid to express your point of view. Don’t be afraid to change. Don’t hold back. Willing to do and learn new things at all time. You still in process of learning, don’t be to hard on yourself. Do your best at everything you do, If you already do your best, there is nothing to regret even if you fail. Go have fun. Listen to others people voice but always believe in yourself. You will go through hard time, but you going to be fine. Never give up.


College is a new thing! You're given more freedom, sometimes don't even have to go to school on certain days, and you can sleep in much more frequently (Depending on your schedule. Hint: 7:30 am classes are not fun!) Also, you're given more responsibility. No more mom waking you up to get to school on time, giving you homework reminders, or money hand-outs. The whole coddling thing is pretty well over. I think your stint in community college was an idea well thought-out. You have an undergraduate degree and no student debt. It was, honestly, like an extended stint in high school, but it is so well worth it in the end that you're good for sticking with it. Not only did you graduate with a pretty fantastic GPA, but you got a great academic scholarship to SCAD. Yes, SCAD, the school we applied to right after high school and were destined to take a wee detour before arriving. We're getting there, though! Nothing comes fast and free -- you've got to put your time in to it.


Look kid, I know money doesn't seem like an issue to you now but let me tell you... it is! Artist exploration is fine but you can find that at any school that has an art studio. This school will give you great experience but you also want to think about the kind of money you're going to end up having to pay in the end. You'll owe them your soul. Most 20-somethings don't come out of that place with a job that pays $60,000 a year so think it out before you jump in okay? Think of the challenges BEYOND school and ask yourself... what do you REALLY want to do for a carreer?


I would tell myself to loosen up and have some fun, as long as it does not interfere with my studies. I’ve always been the shy type, the person afraid to ask questions for fear of looking stupid. I would go back in time and let myself know it is okay. Find out all the information you can now, so in the future you won’t be unsure. I would also tell myself to apply to my chosen college before graduating high school, instead of being so indecisive.


At SCAD, I have access to, and contact with innumerable talented and amazing professors and people who are in the art, performing arts, and design world. There is such an amazing array of classes I can take which have helped me to hone my abilities as an artist. I receive constructive criticism in my classes that is honest and very helpful. I have also been able to exhibit some of my work at a local Savannah gallery which has helped me to gain exposure. For this coming summer, I am applying for an externship at a fashion house in New York, which SCAD has helped me to arrange. I have also met so many other students who are talented in the arts that I can get feedback from and throw ideas off of. Living in Savannah has definitely enriched my college experience with all of its theaters, art galleries, and museums. Attending SCAD has been an invaluable experience for me so far and I look forward to my years to come!


Through studying at Savannah College of Art and Design, I have really found myself and what I want to pursue as a career. SCAD has allowed me to explore my current major of Accessory Design. No other fashion or art school has this program avaliable, so it's a really great opportunity I have at this school to access all the resources I need to become successful as a designer. SCAD is so fortunate to have all the updated exclusive software programs that allow me to open my skills to the world of technology as it's changing today. SCAD is also subscribed to various fashion publications such as WWD, WGSN, and stylesight where the students can have access to those as well. The professors here are all passionate about wanting the students to learn and succeed in a world where art is slowing fading. I am so confident in the skills and education I have achieved so far and have made tremendous progress from day one at SCAD. Professors here love to see students grow and that is something I have definitely seen in myself. SCAD has exposed me to the the right materials, guest speakers, and industry professionals.


College has taught me a lot not only in my field of major, but about life. Due to the diversity of the people that attend and its location, I have learned a lot about people and find myself to be a more open person. Living on my own, not only in the dorms in previous years, but off campus as well, has taught me a lot about how to handle taking care of myself, including transportation, food, and bills, especially since I am 600 miles away from home. My school has instilled a work ethic in me because of the work load and inspiring teachers and former students who help you to strive to reach your best potential. I have found that my course of study is much more than it simply appears to be to society, and that in order to complete it, I must work hard, including attending classes for the next two years that are 5.5 hours long, twice a week. I've learned the value of the education I'm recieving not only through experiencing its rigor, but knowing that it is a top national program, which again leads me to strive for my best.


I am returning to college to further my desire, and quest for knowledge. I want to make a difference in the lives of women, their families and the community at large. I would like to be part of a force, that moves women and children out of harms way, and into a better life (whatever that might mean for them). Learning has been the best part of my arsenal in work and personal experiences. Knowledge has opened a whole new world that would not have been there for me otherwise, and has given me a voice where before there was none. I do not take anything at face value I have learned to be analytical and view a subject from more than one point of view. Education provides us with a global view of what is around us, and teaches us if we fear something, learn more about it. I will always find a way, to speak for those who can not, and to further my own learning experience. I am a better human being because of the education, and will continually grow as my learning does. I will never stop learning.


SCAD has been a tremendous experience. More importantly, SCAD has taught me how to dream impossible dreams and know they can come true, how to embrace the unique person I am and develop my inner gifts. I received aa bachelors degree at another college before coming to SCAD and I didn't enjoy the experience. I am not the most scholarly student , I am intelligent, I easily bore with traditional acadamia. SCAD professors are the best because they are passionate about what they teach and living examples of practicing artist with connections that are empressive in the industry. They are willing to help students develop and promote their talent and abilities. I have found many of them who are willing to assist you on personal projects and introduce you to key persons that can assist. The education that we are receiving is cutting edge, and infused with the latest technology. It is not just about today, but preparation for the tomorrow that has not come and the one we do not know what will look like. The question for students leaving SCAD is not whether or not they will get a job, it is simply where will the job be.


To work with passionate people who have a lot of creativity results in a positve, unforgettable experience that will last me a lifetime.... The education I've received this far will take me through the rest of my life and help me in many areas.


College has been the most liberating experience for me because I am being molded into the true man I desire to be in life. My voice was always fragile, in fear of the potential greatness it could achieve. It wasn’t until I vanquished fear and began to communicate with others on campus that I found that not only was my voice important, but it allowed me to better define myself to the world. For a while now, I have been so apathetic and sheltered, barely being acknowledged to exist. It’s funny, because when I was younger I was so vibrant and vigorous, but over time I slowly concealed my identity, and mainly my voice. Well now, I have broken that silence and have chosen to use my voice to its full potential, and be the real me behind the façade.