Savannah College of Art and Design Top Questions

What's the one thing you wish someone had told you about freshman year?


Before coming to SCAD, I wish I had known that I was not the only one who was completely lost about the college experience, or the idea of it anyway. Most people were like me: not knowing what to expect and timid to actually admit that they had no idea of what was going on during the first day. Also, I wish I had known that even though Savannad is near the coast, it still gets pretty cool in autumn and winter. All in all, even though i did not know about these things before, I still love the college.




That the financial toll can be very overwhelming. I wish I really knew how hard it would be to pay for this school. I understand why it is so expensive and they do help with some scholarships but it is still so much.


When I first entered SCAD I didn’t know anything. Because of financial reasons I was not able to attend orientation, but I made it time for my first day of class. Despite that, not attending orientation left me in the dark . I am of a homeschool background so navigating threw school was completely new to me. There was also the financial stress that comes with attending a private school. I wish I knew everything would be okay and not to compare myself to the other students; also, I wish I new how to properly save for collage.


The lack of care for the student from the financial aid department. Various paperwork has been "processing" for months and when I've tried to follow up they can't locate it or they need additonal information. I've been waiting for my financial aid to be processed since January.


I wish I had known more about the scholarships so that I could apply sooner. I had a hard time understanding how to apply for the avilable scholarships when I visited their website. It's important to talk to your counselor as much as possible as soon as possible so you can learn more about financial aid opportunities.


I wish I had better prepared for the financial difficulty I would meet. However, things have always been able to be handled.


I wish I had known a master plan to live out a perfect path to success.


If I had known about the finanical crisis before hand... that would have been helpful. But seriously, you try to perpare yourself for the high standards you're coming into, but it's really not possible. However, most of the early classes do just that so later, as the years go by, you can rise to the occasion.


I wish I had a true understanding of just HOW much money I was borrowing for this educational experience and how that would have weighed to my chances of obtaining a job shortly after graduation.