Savannah College of Art and Design Top Questions

What's unique about your campus?


The best thing about my school is that they focus so much on getting the students into jobs and learning how the workflow of real jobs are like instead of just having us learn the material.


The best thing about this school is all the resources available to students. Employers visit the school for interviews and internships, and there is equipment for projects that would be expensive or hard to find anywhere else.


The people. They are trying their best to help me get into it after my last college had kicked me out because I was having trouble getting the loan. Despite it being two weeks away from the time everything had to be in they helped rush everything to make sure I would be able to join them in the fall. Its also hot all year round some of the dorms have pools.




I consider the connections and the diversity of students in my school to be the best thing. Because the diversity gives students the opportunity to work with people from all of the world. The connections guarantee you a job right out of school.


The best thing about my school is that it offers you the world from the diverse student population to the internships in places around the country and around the world.


The best thing that I would consider about attending Savannah College of Art and Design would be the diversity of gifted people that I can surround myself with. I also love the array of funky colors and creative atmosphere that will a person to be herself. The staff are so helpful and inviting to upcoming new students, and they strive on faciliting nothing but the best. I feel like this school inbodies the person that I am, because I Iove expressing myself in creative ways . Just looking at the brouchers alone, puts a big excited smile upon my face.


The most magnificent quality about SCAD is its incredible range of classes. As a Performing Arts Major, I can not only take major-related classes such as Acting for the Camera, Movement, Stage Combat, Voice, and Improvisation, but also a list of intriguing non-major-related artistic classes. For instance, all students are required to explore Design classes (2D, 3D, and 4D art), Color Theory, Art History, and Computer Art Applications. This myriad of classes has truly aided in shaping me into a versatile and wildly creative artist, unthreatened by challenge.


The best thing about Savannah College of Art and Design is the amount of interaction that is generated among the people in the classes that I take. Every class that I've taken there -- be it history or art-related -- has a creative spin to it that really helps me relate to the content. I definitely feel like I'm working towards something, no class seems superfluous.


The best thing about Savannah College of Art and Design is the wide range of great facilities that caters to every specific major. All the technology and software programs in each facility is always up to date. Also, the small class size and small department size where you really get to know other students in your own major. Also, no greek life, no pressure to drink or use drugs, and the wide mix of international students really make the campus diverse.


The school is placed in beautiful downtown Savannah. The diversity of the school really opens you up to many different people and ideas. The environment also give you a sense of history and a want to be outside with your friends. There's alot that you can do there ranging from hanging out, to doing work, to working out and much more.


I believe that the best thing about the Savannah College of Art and Design is the learning experience. All of the professors are well qualified to teach in the ways of art and each professor knows how to handle each type of student. All are willing to offer advice and give constructive criticism to allow further growth.


The best thing about my school is that the art programs here are amazing. The teachers are knowledgeable, the studios are well equiped and I actually feel like I have learned so much more than I would have at a traditional public school.


The fact that they want no starving artists. No matter what your program of the study, the faculty and school are focused on preparing everyone for a career and getting them connected to people in the field, who oftentimes can also be your professor.


The thing I love the most is the diversity of the campus. Students come from all over the US as well as the world, same goes for the professors. You learn not only from your designated course work but from each other. I'm always inspired by my fellow classmates and teachers and in the art feild inspiration is your driving factor. I feel as though SCAD has opened my eyes to people and experiences I would have never known if I had stayed in my home town or attened a local university.


SCAD has everything I will need to get my degree in Visual Arts.


The best thing about SCAD has to be its location; the views from the school building and the surrounding areas are perfect for inspiring young artists to create masterpieces.


The best thing about my school is the level of instruction that is deeply integrated into the professional field. Regardless of your specific major at Savannah College of Art and Design, the instructors and staff are equipping you as a more resourceful artist and more skillful employee. When one graduates from SCAD, they don't just meander and stumble into the working world--they charge at it full force.


The best thing about Savannah College of Art and Design (SCAD) is the traditional college feel. Many art schools don't offer tradtional housing, athletic teams, clubs, intermurals, and campus groups, but SCAD does offer all of these. They make it very easy to make friends, meet new people, and make memories that last a life time.


It's such a creative, curious, independent, understanding, passionate environment, and I feel like it really allowed me to grow as a person in ways that I wouldn't have been able to do in a different setting. People really think outside the box and question the norm.


The most amazing thing about my school is it's diversity of ideas and people. It's as if having a community of artists has provided us the oppourtunity to learn and grow off of eachothers ideas... we fuel eachother to do more, be better, get better. There are endless resources provided you take advantage of them, and endless points of connection with those around you. Thats another amazing thing, the comradery of SCAD's students. Some say SCAD is an acronym for Sleep Comes After Death. I say it's Success Comes After Determination.


Savannah College of Art & Design is extremely focused on creativity and inspired design. There is a strong emphasis on self expression and exposure to different cultures and ideas. Inspiration and creativity is stimulated through many different activities, in different settings, and in groups or individually. SCAD strongly encourages sustainable design, as well as research based, or educated design. Taking advantage of all that is available through the many different sources is heavily suggested.


The school is completely art based. It has a deep focus in art that or college with art majors don't have. You don't have to take extra classes like philosophy and chemistry. You can focus on your major.


The best thing about my school is the environment. It is very friendly and everyone is always supportive, whether it is the staff or students. I am glad that I am able to learn at such a great school. The classes a very small, the biggest class being 30 students in our lecture classes. In our studio classes we only have between 10-15 students per class. This is my dream school and I am happy that I am attending it.


Surrounded with like-minded individuals portrays an orgy of the mind. Conversations with artistic people presents another realm and is fascinating to share because we all understand each other. The level of competiveness is low which is great because it allows us to connect with each other on projects. Sharing ideas as to how to implement a certain material is the common recipe for an in-class discussion. With many influential sources available it is difficult to feel stagnate for creative ideas. A great atmosphere for any area of study especially when considering the vast support system that is communal.


What I love about my college is how diverse and accepting it is. In my years here I have developed friendships with a wide gamut of people, and I think the diversity really united us to work together and create strong work.


It's a great school because personal culture and identity is fully encouraged. New, fresh ideas is what students are celebrated for. Its a great place to learn about the thngs you like and how you can bring into your work your own personal touch. Its about knowing what there is to know about what you like and with that knowledge, creating work that is unique, interesting and exciting. There is no such thing as one right way to approach projects but a refreshing system where your ideas are important.


thousands of creative, fun, and hard working people in one beautiful, historic place that is 15 minutes away from the beach


My school is very diverse and it helps students to be open to new ideas and what not. There is no "wrong way" to do something or dress. Everyone is very excepting here. It is also that way in the classroom. Professors here are very open to you and your creativity, so here at SCAD you can honestly be who are no matter what!


The best thing about the school is the networking between students and professors. Most classes are moderately small, 15-20, and provide many opportunities for one-on-one face time with the professors. Extra help is abundant. It's easy to get to know other students as well, and learn from them, as well as from the professors. Also, many professors will direct questions to a professor with more qualified knowlege, so you essentially learn from multiple teachers.


What I consider best about my school is the wide variety of career opportunites offered. This allows artists with all different experties to come together and share there experiences and ideas.


The best thing about SCAD is you get to use top of the line equipment in your feild. You could be using a 50,000 camera that is very helpful to know because it is what's out there being used by professionals.


The availiblity of career services and learning skills school.


The best thing about SCAD, is that it's not based on logic. It is but its a good mixture between passion through creativity and logical business sense.


The best thing about SCAD is it's connections to the outside industries. While some of the individual professors might not have the best connections, other people do and bring in guest speakers and recruiters. Also, SCAD's name is decently well-known, so people are easily impressed to hear the name.


The reason I was drawn to Savannah College of Art and Design was how they offered so many guest speakers and artists to the campus. Students have oppurtunities weekly to go to a lecture or presentation by an artist in the field. People come from all Majors and departments, and not only speak to those students in the department but also those who have a simple interest in the subject.


The closeness between the professors and the students in each department. Most of the professors will go above and beyond to help students, offer feedback, critique projects, and it's a great example of how the industry will be when we are working with our peers and editors.


the range of ethnicity and races. you get to understand the other people more.


The best thing about my school is the weather of the city its located in. It allows you to work outside, and keeps people feeling happier because of all the sunlight.


There is no actual campus. The school reuses old buildings thoughout the city that would otherwise be demolished.


Career orientation. Most professors have professional experience or attended the nation's other top universities. We can be tought specific skills because we aim for specific jobs.


The Professors are VERY involved with their students--they really care about how their students perform, not just in the classroom but in every aspect of their lives.


The professors thrilled to be at the college as well as the students who accompany them.


The best thing about my school is how well it prepares you for the "real world".