Savannah State University Top Questions

Describe your favorite campus traditions.


From the information I received through my high school counselors and the brochure I have read; Savannah State University is known for academic excellence. This is what caught my attention! When I was looking for a school to attend after High School, this was the most importatnt. I take my education very seriously and attending an institution which does as well won me over. I believe in high educational standards and to be challenged by my professors and I have found this in Savannah State!


I believe my school is best known for the baseball team. They won their conference and went to a regional last year that made Savannah State University stand out.


HBCU college


Savannah State University is best known for its amazing business and marketing program as well as its extensive Marine Science program.


Our buisness management program.


My school is known for doing their best at everything they put their mind to and being the best Tigers we can be in all aspects of life. WHEN I SAY TIGER YOU SAY PRIDE.....TIGER....PRIDE.....TIGER.......PRIDE.......TIGER, TIGER.......PRIDE, PRIDE........TIGER, TIGER, TIGER, TIGER......PRIDE, PRIDE, PRIDE, PRIDE WOOOOO YEAH!!!!!


My school is best known for being an historically black university, in southern Georgia. It is also well known for its school spirit , especially around homecoming time. The whole town tends to particpates.


Savannah State University is best known for its rich history. SSU has been a staple in the community for many years and continues to strive for excellence in all ways. It is a school were you will not only get a great education but, you will learn more about yourself and grow as an individual.


We are known for our GREAT Business programs and acadmic achievments.


Savannah State is known for its academic scores and active programs.


Business School


Being an HBCU


Its saying" You can get anywhere from here"


The sports


My school is known for many things but it is best known for, its buisness program. Even though I am not a buisness major, the buisness program is the major attraction why students pick to come here to Savannah State.