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What's unique about Savannah State University is the fact that it is an Historically Black College. Our president is a women, also whom is African American. She brings a lot of flaire and spunk to the table. She allows each student to challenge themselves mentally,physically, and emotionally. I would have to agree she gives each student a chance to showcase themselves, and is very active within the school. We also have a lot of new programs and orginizations that a lot of schools dont have. for example. TOPP(Tigers on Patrol Program).


I am in a graduate student of Cross Cultural Studies at the University of Houston Clear lake. This program is very unique because it is mutidisciplinary. I am studying different subjects: literature, anthropology, psychology, politics, and history....... It really opens a big window on our world.


Savannah State University was the most unique institution in the state because it consisted of everything I sought for in a university. When seeking an institution to attend, I wanted it to be an HBCU, in a city that offered public transportation, a small, family-oriented institution, be far away from home to get the college experience but close enough for my guardian to travel if in an emergency, and it had to be a public university.


Savannah State University is the fisrt HBCU in the state of Georgia.


Many things make my school unique but one that stands out is our Alexis Circle filled with the 'Divine Nine' greek plots as well as extra curriculars such as band,army, and sports. Also a unity plot for everyone. The plots are open to everyone , but out of respect you shouldn't sit on the plot if your not a member of the organization.


The things that makes my school more unique then other schools are, our campus host alot of events that are dedicated to uniting the college campus and making a better living environment for all the students that attend.


It is an HBCU and it has the Navy ROTC program. This school has the program that allows me to become a Naval Officer in four years.


What's unique about my school is that it's a historical black college.


I attend Savannah State University. What is unique about SSU compared to other schools that I considered is, SSU has great ties to teh commuity. They support the SSU in everything it does and is always willin to help. Other schools in Savannah always try to work together to give back to the commuity and make it better.


Although Savannah State has it flaws sometimes what school doesn't. When I think I about my school I think of my family. Yea we may fight and not get along sometimes but at the end of the day we just want the best for each other and will do anything to make that happen. Its this feeling, you hate it when your there but miss it when its gone.


For 116 years, Savannah State University has been an important part of higher education. The oldest public HBCU in Georgia and the oldest institution of higher learning in the historic city of Savannah, SSU has served this community with distinction while meeting the educational needs of an increasingly diverse student population. The 173-acre campus is by far the most picturesque in the state of Georgia. The moss-laden sweeping oak trees, expansive marsh and historic architecture create a resplendent yet tranquil atmosphere. relevant academic majors, engaging lectures, cutting-edge research, quality student-faculty engagement and a nurturing environment.


The student to teacher ratio, the faculty and staff, the campus and the surroundgins


This school is composed of several colleges that provide specialized areas of study. The students are diverse and some choose to do work. Other choose not to. The best bet is to come see the school for yourself.


Small class sizes and a historic HBCU.