Savannah State University Top Questions

What do you consider the worst thing about your school? Why?


How to do work study


The lack of involvement of campus activities by some students.


Savannah State does not have a lot diversity. Since almost everyone is African American (students, professors, faculty, staff, ect) everything is viewed in an African American prospective. The classes, the teaching styles, the events, ect. Many of us on campus cannot express our interests or likes freely because the majority always rules and people aren't really accepting to new ideas.


I honestly consider the students the worst thing about my school. The students have giiven tyhe school a horrible reputation. Well, maybe some of the faculty too, and maybe the area isn't that helpful either. But us who are here to get an education, make the best out of it.


Nothing I love my HBCU.


The campus police is the worst thing about my school. They care more about shutting down kickbacks/parties than assisting students who have been hurt.


The worse thing about Savannah State is how unsafe it is with almost anybody can sneak on to the campus.


The worst thing about Savannah State University is the parking problem on campus there are not enough parking spaces


The worse thing about my school was the unfortunate drug ussage. Teenagers are finally out on there own and further experiment with new drugs because they haven't been exposed to that lifestyle. Therefore, many students attempt drugs because they want to fit in with other students and they feel this is a way to be with the popular crowd.


Savannah State University is most known for three things. First, SSU is known for its College of Business Administration because it is internationally accredited. Secondly, it offers a major in Homeland Security which few institutions offer this study. Lastly, my institution is known for marine biology and being an institution that lies on a natural setting.


The worst thing about my school is a sense of school pride. School pride enhances everything about the institution. For example, the willingness to participate in activities is a negative about my university and discourages school organizations from holding events for the students.


I feel the worst thing about my school is their organization. The have a hard time keeping up with documents, making proper arragements, following through with procedures, and organizing events. Ive had experpes of experiences with this problem which almost affected my attendance at the school. The specific persons in charge of the financial aid office seemed to misplace my financial aid papers proving I had outside financial assistance. It caused all types of panic and fustration, but eventually the papers were found and the problem was solved.


The worst thing I would have to say about Savannah State is that we are placed in a city and county that is known for its' violence. There have been many people killed in Chatham County. Chatham County also is known for the one of the highest STD rates.


The worst thing at my school has to be the atheletics nd everything about the athletic programs. Other than the basketball gym (tiger arena) the other facilities are very very old and also need to be remodeled. The practice fields flood ad fill up with water ater a light spinkling and the football stands look like something out of a lowbudget sports film. Also being a d-1 school is a very good honor,but nobody treats us that way. out of 70 something scholarships, tey are only allowed to give out 50.


The Administration, because they are slack in certain areas


Lack of communication between fauclty and students


The only downfall of Savannah State University is its architecture. Because it is so old some of the buildings are out of date evven though the technology insde of them is up to speed. Although i must say new building are being built and plans for renovations are being made.


Lines during Registration Week


The worst thing that I would consider about my school is the location of the student center. That is the worst thing because I am content and happy with everything else. I feel as though the student center is the focal point of campus and it is not centrally located on campus. I think that it needs to be centrally located because that is where the majority of the students hang out and where all the students activities take place. So, students should not have to walk far to get to the center.


No shuttle buses or availale rides to class.


old buildings, but that's the history, so I' d say meal options. There is no 24 hour availability for food.


To be honest i dont have much of anything to complain about my school, but the biggest discrepancy on campus is definetly campus security or better yet the lack of it. An example of this would be that whenever there is an incident on capus they are nowhere to be found and they are always slow to respond to every incident and they usually respond in a laxy, and unconcerned manner. also our campus is way to open to locals and anyone who just wants to walk on or off campus.


There is nothing i would consider bad, because in this world nothings perfect. Everything needs a little improvement.


The campus life