Savannah State University Top Questions

What kind of person should attend this school?


Anyone that is up for a challenge and is ready to be involved in their school community should definitely apply to Savannah State University. We are the oldest publuc HBCU in the state of Georgia and we are all welcoming. There is not a specific ethnicity or group of people who should not attend Savannah State University, Home of the Tigers!


Anybody who is trying to further there education in life because you can get anywere from their.


A person who eager to learn, having that one on one learning, being hand-ons with your craft


Anyone who wants to pursue their career.


Anyone who is looking to be part of a diverse community and meet friendly students and faculty within the school and community. Also, if you love to be surrounded by a vibrant environment with its beautiful beaches, weather, and trees.


Someone who is focused and responsible. If they want to meet some really great professors, faculty, and peers that they will remember for a lifetime then they should attend this school.


Any person that is looking for a high quality education at a HBCU with teachers that care and students that are very active should attend Savannah State University


The kind of person to attend Savannah State University is looking to succeed in life with the education gained from attending. This kind of person is head strong and nothing can shake their focus. They have goals to meet and they will continue to work hard until they meet them. These people know what they want from life and they know that Savannah State can provide them with what they need to become successful in their future.


A head-strong, hard worker. Some students come here and they don't follow through with their full potential and they get caught with the social aspect of things. So you have to be able to balance both your education and your social life, knowing which is a priority and the neccessity.


Anybody that would like to seek an education


Someone who came from a small town may want to attend this school because this school is not big. This school only has about 3,500 students. Someone who likes to to be around the same culture may want to come here.




One who wants to live by the water. One who needs a location where there is nearly nothing to do in order to stay academically successful. Although Savannah is a city, it has no comparison to my hometown (ATlanta GA) when it comes to social events


Someone who just needs to get a feel of the college experience


A person that is willing to learn new material, not afraid to ask for help, and who is an people oriented.


Someone who is trying to get a degree as easily as possible.


Transitioning from high School to college


A person that is focused and determined to do his or her best with this chance to further thier education.