Savannah State University Top Questions

What kind of person should not attend this school?


The type of people who should not attend this University are those who do not realize the honor of attending this institution. I have done my research and have found it equal to schools like the University of Georgia and Emory University. A school should not be judged by how many people have heard about it, but by the type of outstanding students it produces. If someone is looking to go to a school that has national name recognition but not excellent educational standards, then Savannah State is not the school for them!


A person that's not mentally prepared should just wait til they are. Its not my place to say who should attend college. I believe everyone should have the chance to further their education.


The person who shouldn't attend Savannah State University is a person who doesn't want to meet new people and are not open to new ideas. Savannah State University is a friendly school and have tons of oppurtunities and things for their students to do while being enrolled.


If your not really outspoken, and or have some type of interests in being active whether it is with sports, academics, clubs, or orginizations. Then Savannah State University shouldnt be your first choice. It's very outgoing, lively, very oriented school. Never a dull moment, there is always somethig to do. Whether you have a liable source of transportation or not. Its very lively and brings new measures and obstacles to overcome.


There are many types of people that attend Savannah State Univeristy, so I wouldn't say that it limits itself by being made for one type of person. SSU is for everyone because there is something here for everyone.


artistic people


Those student that do not feel that they can put forth efforts to love and bleed Orange and Blue can not be our family/team. If your not dedicated and have the drive to do more for others and learn what it is to be a tiger than turn around and go home becuase we take great pride and love in our school and our community as well. Savannah State Unviersity is the perfect school for those who want to work hard and play with their family members. I...Love...I...Love....MY.....S...savannah....S...tate....U...nviersity......SSU!!!


Anybody could attend this school.


A person who wants to learn.


A person that doubts themself and does not want to get anywhere in life


A person that is not willing to learn and take charge in his/her own life.


A person who is not committed to his or her future should not attend this school.