Savannah State University Top Questions

What should every freshman at your school know before they start?


Follow your passion, even if goes against what others want for you. You know yourself better than anyone else, don't let other make decisions for you. If you want to go halfway across the world, do it. Mom might be thinking what's best in her interest but the truth is, her time's over now. It's your turn. The decision you make will be the best one because you worked hard to open the door for that opportunity. Don't let anyone close it.


If I were able to go back in time and talk to myself I would MOST DEFINATELY make it a priority to let myself know to stay away from so many women. Keep my head in my books and away from the looks. I would let myself know that the work is much more vigerous here and the teachers will not baby you in any type of way no matter what so pay attention to any and everything the teacher is saying whether it sounds like it is important or not.


Since, it was not that long ago this is an easy one. I would tell Yasmine at the beginning of 2013 to spend a little more time filling out more scholarship applications. Unfortunately, due to my high school transitioning from one location to another, some of my counselors dropped the ball. I was late starting the scholarship application process. From my 9th grade to the 12th grade I have been serious about my studies. I would stay up late to complete my assignments along with preparing myself for the next school day! So, I would tell myself to continue this zeal for knowledge into college and to start early on the scholarship process. I have always known to study and work hard but I was not on top of getting my scholarships ready.


This is exactly what I would say, "Ashleigh darling, you are bright beyond compare and you do not need anyone else to validate you. Do not wait on the acceptance of others to do what you want, but press forward with your dreams no matter what. I know it is very difficult right now, but you will succeed... you can do it. Do not ever procrastinate, and do everything with a vengance. Afterall, you do have a lot to prove and you have negative statistics that you have to beat. Transitions are scary and no change in life is ever an easy one. You will be doing great things in the near future and there is nothing to worry about. Also, stop allowing othersto dictate what comes out of your mouth. If you feel it, say it. You only need to apply to one college and that choice will be the best choice that you will ever make! "I got my H in front of my B in front of my C! I got my U behind my S! It's S - S - U!"


Honestly, If I could talk to myself as a high school senior I would say get more serious. I was more serious about school my senior year than I was any other school year, but it still barely made the cut. If I could talk to myself as a high school freshman, because that is really where the problem started, then I would scare myself into doing homework and studying for tests. Now that I am in college and I am doing well I know how it feels to feel like you have accomplished something. I like the feeling of my mother being proud of me and now I can think about the future with a stable plan. I would show my past self, my present self because I have never been more proud of myself than I am now.


If I could go back in time and talk to me before college I would tell myself to get my grades up. I would tell myself that I need to learn how to study and retain information better. I would tell myself that I need to go to bed earlier each night so that I can be better rested to take on the rest of the day. I would make myself realize that high school was trying to prepare for college and to not take it so lightly.


The advice will I give myself is college isn't like high school. The work is different and the learning style is very different than high school. You have to work hard to get what you won't out of your classes by going to class on time, doing your work, take notes, and studying. College life will make you grow up because you are own and you paying for your eduaction then high school. You have to put your social life aside at times and focus on your books.


I would have told myself study harder and make better grade. I would have also told myself play your senior year of football.


Start planning now! Have a plan for what college you want to attend, why it is the most appropriate choice, what you need to do to achieve your desired degree, and how to pay for it all. When you wait until the last minute to start planning for college, it all washes over you like a tidal wave and it's an intense struggle to find your way back up to the surface again. No one is there to hold your hand and guide you through the college process, it is part of growing up. You must make sure to always stay on top of things. Procrastination is your biggest enemy so start treating it as such. Establish a plan of goals and requirements that you want and need to meet each semester of college to assure that you stay on the track to success. Organization is going to be your best friend, so start getting to know it now! You won't regret it.


While I was in high school, I thought I knew everything. However, looking back now I knew so little. I would have studied so much more and become involved in many more extracurricular activities. I also would have gone to college right out of high school instead of waiting. Although I am working on obtaining my second associates degree, it is much harder when you are over the age of 50. Going to school is so important in order to excel in today's world, it is amazing how many more opportunities arise when one has an education verses not having an education. When you are young, it is easy to put things off and not look at things in the long run however, time goes by quickly . It is so important to set short term and long term goals in order to become successful and to achieve the things in life that you want.


I do not have time to type because I have to leave for another class. but i will say is to stay focus and keep god first and dont let pther bring your success from not happen because you are what keep your suceess from not happening. !!! Thank you! I enjoy the survey !!!


As I am sitting here assuming about the advice I would give myself as a high school senior two things come to mind. Those two things consist of Senioritis and meeting deadlines. I would tell myself, “Shalonda keep pushing you can do it. Do not fall victim of senioritis and become lazy. Shalonda don’t procrastinate meet deadlines for scholarships and for your housing. Because if you know as a high school student now you missed being an honor graduate by one point you wouldn’t fall victim to senioritis. You would continue to work your butt off. If you know as a high school student that you would be on the waiting list for housing you would pay attention to timing and deadlines. If you know as a high school student now that you will have no scholarships to help pay for college, you will get up and meet deadlines for scholarships.”


The advice that I would give myself is to stay focus and take school seriously because not a lot of students have the opportunity to experience college and the life that it comes with. I am blessed to have this opportunity and have to take full advantage of it. Don't disappoint your family especially your mother because she is doing all that she can for you so don't ever let her down. Make her, family, friends and yourself proud.


I would have given myself the advice to start college sonner than what I did. I had a child when I was 15 and that made things a little harder, I would never regret or want to change my life in that aspect. My son is my everything, but I would tell myself that things are usually not as scary as what they seem. The most difficult part is actually taking the jump. Sometimes being out of your comfort zone is for the best.


I would have told myself to do better in class and not to be so lazy. Also I would have been thinking about college more seriously. And with that being said I would most likely would have signed up a the dual program so that I could have graduacted with some college credits and looked into mre scholarships as well.


If I could go back to my senior self in high school, I would tell myself to stay focus and find a mentor. Also try to find some balance in your life. Try your best to remember what's important and not to let people or things to stress you. I would have told myself to wait to spring semester to know that you are mentally ready for school. I would let the high school Denekica know that throughout your college career, you will come across some great people who will be by your side and push you to strive for greatness. But also be careful who you come across there are a few people that not good company. If I could go back in time to my senior year I would tell myself to have faith, love yourself, and be ready to further your education.


As many, I would give myself the cliché advice of work hard and study more. But more importantly I would tell myself to apply to many scholarships and to do my best to get any financial help through school. My college experience has been a great one, but with working three jobs and paying bills, there isn’t much time for me to enjoy myself. College is a large transition from high school and you have to be able to handle the stress. I like to think I’m a strong-minded student, while also being a hard-working employee. I make sure to do my best in all my daily responsibilities, but if I was given help financially, my first year of college would have been a drastic change. I would have had more time to relax, study, or catch up with family and friends. I do not regret my time spent at work, but I would defiantly give the advice of apply for many scholarships to avoid any unneeded stress, because college needs to be a my main focus.


If I could go back in time and talk to myself as a high school senior, knowing the things I know about college life and the transition; I will honestly advise myself to "do more scholarships". Simply because college tuition itself is expensive and stressful. Receiving scholarships will not only have strengthened my opportunity to take multiple criminal justice classes but helped me be able to purchase the correct books needed so that I can be successful in each class, which I am currently not able to pay for due to my financial burden. Overall, doing and receiving scholarships would've helped me with my college tuition, avoiding loans, and helping me to accomplish my current goal, move on to the next and eventfully become a successful attorney in the criminal justice/ homeland security field.


The advice that I would Give to myself would be to try and motivate myself more and to go for the dream that I want. Also to perservier in hard times and also to not let the little things in life get me upset. Another is to always learn from my mistakes and to not let anyone tell me different and to know that in the end it will all be worth while.


I would have definately been extremely focused on my academic goals. I slacked off a lot during my senior year as most would call it "senioritis". I caught a whip of it, and yes I lost a lot because of those minor mistakes. I also would have smallered my circle of friends and personal relations. Having that extra baggage on your shoulders, weighing you down every other day was not the highlight of my nights in college. I would tell myslelf that the outer peer pressure is irrelevant in your main goal which is to succeed. I would have allowed some of my family members to help me get through some of my trial and error. But all that is in the past no love lost, just much more found with the surplus of knowledge I gain each and everyday. Asking the professors questions and having them describe the resolution.


I think at some of your more selective colleges the interviewer can take on the role of gatekeeper, not marketer (I certainly ran into one such person back when I was interviewing). So instead of coming to the table with the attitude of “let me tell you about our great school,” the interviewer is asking, “tell me why you would be a good choice for our great school.” I’d argue that even when the student is the one doing the question asking, the interviewer is still evaluating how good of a match the student is for the school.What’s wrong with the student interviewing the college? Is there a downside? College interviews are standard fare ay many colleges, perceived perhaps as a rhetorical firing squad by the student. Not comfortable. If the student started the conversation on a positive note that suggested that they liked what they saw on the college’s website, but was under a lot of pressure to select from so many, why not have the student ask some great questions to make the admissions officer think, “Holy cow, Batman, this is the kind of student we’re looking for!”


I would go back and tell myself to not stress out as much. Senior year was difficult for me. During the college application process, I injured my back, which slowed my progress. Then when I finally sent in my applications, I was ecstatic I had been accepted to all of the schools! But, the scholarships they awarded me barely made a dent in the $50,000 yearly tuition. I was so frustrated sometimes it would bring me to tears. I called financial aid offices galore, but nothing I did helped. I am attending my local community college, which I see now is an extremely smart decision. Although it's not my first choice, I am content. I am looking to transfer to a four year school, though, so I need to save up and fill out as many scholarships applications as possible. So, high school senior Brianna, relax. Everything works out. Not the way you hoped and planned, but for the better!


Everyone has a chance to shine, but sometimes you have to be sneaky and look into every detail into your dream. These little details can break a dream, or even save a dream. It can save your from pain and suffering of heartbreak and even give you the best friends from those cheesy movies. It will show you that hard work will always bring good, not the bad. The bad will always come first before you see the good in the dream. Always remember that the bad is always created by someone else who does not want you to see the doors of your dream. They know there are many doors to open, but you must know which door to open. They will want these doors, but you will know they will have walls, gates, or the guard with the big muscles and scaring you. There will always be someone who does not want to work for their dreams and they think they can bring it to you when you know this is not true. You do not have to their mirror and can shut the door on them. If you can remember that you can shine no mater what.


I would encourage my younger self to take more AP leveled courses. I'd push my high school self into focusing more on academics and work much smarter into getting a 3.0. I'd tell myself to get more involved into sports or extracirricular activities so I could receive better opportunities at funding for college. Lastly, I'd tell my younger self to stick to what I'm passionate about, to never conform into the idea that my plan A's are impossible to reach.


I would tell myself to try much harder to get scholarships and grants for college.To also maybe consider the military as a option or the rotc.


The advice I give my self, is that don't get discourage along the way, when I first started school, it was very tough for me because I was having troubles with my aid money, & book money plus I lost my hope scholarship, and I din't know I did. I was so hurt by those actions plus, I had to take remedial classes when I got there because I took My S.A.T only once, when I need to take it more than once, but through it all I made it through, finally got out my remedial classes and I was sucessful from there.


I would tell myself to take high school ore serious than i did. Even though i did pretty good i could of done way better than i did. I would tell myself that you cant go to your parents for anything because you are really on your own in college. I also would of told myself to be more avtive in extracirrucular activities.


Live free; do not worry about the future, focus on the present. Work hard and try your best at everything you do and never do anything half-way. Don't feel intimidated and never back out of something you want in life. Stay focused on your goals and pursue them to the highest of your ability. Do not get discouraged and stop comparing yourself to others, because one day you will amount to something even greater than you could have imagined. Things will get better with time and nothing is forever; this too shall pass. Stay inspired.


I would tell myself that college is majorly time management. I would inform myself of the hard work it takes to maintain an acceptable GPA and get through college and into graduate school.


I should always take advantage of every opportunity to comes to me especially anything that deals with finacial aid, social enhancement, and organizations related to my career. Never be afraid to ask someone if you are confused or lost because you will never achieve something without the help of others. It is very important to gain relationships with students and faculty because they are essential prior to graduation. Finally, always participate in class discussions or lectures; it shows your instructor that you are listening and understand the topic. Give everything your best in all things you do you will succeed.


Dear Miss Sinda, Let's sit down and have a talk.... What are your goals as a high school senior? "First and most important would be my boyfriend". "Second would be breaking my pole vauting record of 10'6 and winning first at state". "Third on my list of goals as a high school senior would be obtaining a full-ride scholarship to Akron University in Ohio and pursuing a career in the real world". Now, now, now Miss Sinda, where do you think this relationship will be in five years? "Well my boyfriend and I will be married with kids and have a little house in the country". Really..... So now since your married and live in the country did you achieve your goals in track and academics? "No I didn't, I was to caught up on my boyfriend and didn't stay focused and pursue my dreams". As you can see I chose the wrong path. My priorities were all backwards. That's why I am 24 going on 25 and just now realizing what is important in life. The first step I need to take in pursuing my dream is a college education.


I would tell myself to do more research on universities. I would tell myself to consider the consequences that would arise from being away from and home or going to school in my hometown.


The advice that i would give myself is to make sure that i am very organized and make sure i have great time management skills. My parents will not be at college to wake me up and make me go to class. therefore, i need to be motivated to become a great student and to prepare myself to exceed in the classroom as well as on the football field. I have to make sure that i am a great scholar athlete by maintaining a great gpa while being successful on the football field. I also need to make sure that i am open to making new friends and achieving new heights in life. Finally, i will have to learn how to deal with adversity and not get too frustrated with myself when times get rough and hard. I have to pray about it and see the situation for what it is and achieve and overcome the troubles. That is the advice that i would give myself.


Before attending college, I have always been a bad student. After several trials, I found my major while I was attending undergraduate. That time was for me a time of self acknowlegment. I realized that I could be a very good student when I found what really interested me. Because I attended a Black Historical College, I finally realize that I could find my place in this world among other human beings. The society we are living in promotes negative images about young black male in general(drugs,violence, jail, misogeny,......). Attending Savannah State University was the first time of my life that I was exposed to great black thinkers from the US, Africa and its diaspora. Savannah State University was a safe place where I could learn from my teachers, my peers and share freely my opinions. I realize that we are all part of the same complex and beautiful family: HUMANITY


Throughout my college journey I have learned many lessons, but most importantly I have learned to prioritize. Prioritizing is a lesson that every college student should learn because it is easy for one to be distracted from maintaining good academic standards by things such as social events and friends. It is valuable to attend college because currently, our American economy is not in the best shape, and in order to survive, one must have obtained or obtain some type of special training or other level of education other than a high school diploma. Also, the job market has become very competitive and attending college to earn a degree and receive some type of experience is neccessay to set one apart from the next applicant in a positive way.


What I’ve gotten out of this experience is great relationships with professors and friends. I am still enrolled here at Savannah State University everyday I meet someone new and they tell me something I never knew about the school. I've learned about where I can go to get help with papers I learned how much a relationship with a professor is, because they do not know unless you say something. Savannah State offers great activities that can help you in the long run with career fairs, seminars, helps you find internships and to me Savannah State makes us all better men and women.


As a freshman here at Savannah State University so far my college experience has been an exciting and humble learning year. As an african american woman it is valuable to attend a university let alone a historical HBCU to have a successful career in life. So far my college experience has been a student becoming into her own . I have a few years left in college and i hope to gain skills i can use in life as well as my career.


I have gotten many valuable things that will last a life time. i have wonderful people whom I interact with who re not just friends, but it's more of a sisterhood. The tteacher-student ratio is great allowing your professor to know you as more than a number. I gained skills and knowledge of things I may not have learned else where. All and all it's a great experience and I love it.


since i am just now starting college I have not learned much other than my subjects at hand and the fact that if you want smething you have to go get it. Nothing is free and at the college level, it is time for you to grow up and learn to be an adult. It is valuable to attend college so that you can further your education which is very important.


I have gotten alot out of my college expeirnce thus far. I have learned to communicate and open my mouth and voice my opinions and ideas with my peers as well as the faculty and staff. Savannah State University has been valuable to attend because it gave me a broad expeience as to how the world is outside of home and my community. It has taught me that education is the key to my success and future.


From my experience in college I have gained so much responsibility. I learned how to orgainze my time to follow through with my school work and other activities. Between cheerleading, work, and school things can become stressful. The best thing to do is keep your mind on whats most important. My college experience taught me to prioritize all my activities, organize my time, and keep my focus on what is most important.


With it only being my first year of college I can say I have learned a lot. I have learned a lot of valuable life lessons, like listening when people are trying to help you out of what could possible be a messy situation and to be aware of my surroundings. I have also learned that college isn't about the parties and the social life. They may be nice, but they do not get you A's. College has been valuable to attend because in order to get a decent job when you graduate or get into the real world you need a college degree. Although college may not be the "real world" it does teach some valuable lessons that will help when we actually get out into the "real world".


Hey young girl, graduation is upon you. Do you know what life has in store for you? Can you handle the magnitude of responsibilities that will be placed on you in the next year? Are you prepared to work on a collegiate level? Well, listen up! I was presented with the same situation and asked the exact questions a year ago. I had my plans lined up from point A to Point Z, my short term goals and long term goals written out, and knew that my freshmen year (your freshmen year) would be perfect. The best advice that I can give you is remember that everything does not work out the first time. The process of making new friends and leaving your comfort zone with create discomfort. Do not make your discomfort contentment because you will not be able to enjoy yourself. Be prepared to begin making decisions on your own and relying solely on yourself. This is your first real step into adulthood. Do not let the college make. You transform the college! Everything is already instilled in you to have success, now go make dreams a reality!


I would tell myself to submit for as many scholarships as you can. Because a lot of the time you qualify for scholarships and if you don't research for yourself you can miss out on awards. Also, don't wait to the last minute to apply for school because you may not be accepted or may not have housing at the schol of your choice. Also, remember that your main priority is school and your social will come into play eventually. Be sure to get involved with campus activities to make new friends and to network.


If I still were in high school while also knowing about college life, I would give myself some advice that would keep me on task. I would tell myself to purchase a calendar and an agenda to write down my assignments and events, so that wherever I am, either on the go, or in my dorm room, I would remember my duties for the day. I would teach myself to be diciplined and to keep a strong mind to study and read a little each day in all of my subjects. Since I am a student athlete I would practice being more organized and keeping better time management within my sport, my studies, and my clubs or organizations that I would choose to be apart of. Most importantly, I would want to keep a strong mind by staying focused in college; there are a lot of distractions. Also, to end my high school career off right, I would continue to get the best grades I could to impress my choice colleges.


The advice that I would give myself is to be focused and work hard, but be socially active at the same time. I have been through life, had children, been in the workforce and experienced many things, but I know now the education I missed out on years ago was a mistake. But I do not regret what I have been through and what I have learned. It has made me a stronger and more dedicated student.


If I could go back and give myself advice about what IU know about college now, I would tell myself to stay focus. There is so much to do in college. It's like a different world. There is know in college to tell you what is right and wrong, no one to take care of you, and th only one who can control you is you. I would say that the point if coolege is to get an education and not friends and parties. I would also explain that in college when something goes wrong that I can't always call my family and ask them to fix my problems, and or tell me what to do. As a college student I am an adult now and I can no longer relay on my parents. Lastly I would tell myself to be me. Don't tey to be anyone that I'm not because If someone can't understand me for who i am now, changing isn't going to make me a better person. Inside or out.


If I could go back in time and talk to myself as a high school senior the most important thing I would tell myself is to get serious. College is a whole new experience and its nothing like high school. As a senior I wasn't very focused and I didn't try very hard. But in my high school that wasn't a problem. You could easily just breeze through school. I would tell myself to get my priorities in order and think about where i wanted to be in ten years. Once I had a vision of where I wanted to be it would be easier to plan for my future because I would know exactly what it takes to get there. I would also tell myself that the key to success in college is the ability to study. When you actually learn information, instead of memorizing it, everything in life will come much easier. Sometimes the college life can be ovewhelming once you realize that you have no type of parental guidence, but as long as you stay focused on the future goal then youll be able to do what it takes to achieve any dream.


I have never been a believer in altering the past. In my opinion changing the past could potentially corrupt my future, and I feel fine knowing that I have not quite reached my goals for success. That is why if given the opportunity to go back to my senior year of high school and alter my decisions about college I would not. To be honest as my institution has grown as have I along with it. I am happy to be at this point in this time of my life.


I If I could go back in time and talk to myself I would tell myself several things that could make me a better person in life. One thing I would tell myself would be to get involved. Even though I played sports and was the captain for several years, I would tell myself to get involved in some clubs and other extracurricular activities. Another thing I would tell myself is to stay focus and ahead in class. Even though I had a good GPA I wish I wouldn't have gotten lazy my last year and kept up my GPA. I would also tell myself that I was really interested in going to college not to get caught up in the college life which is drinking, smoking, and partying all the time. I would also tell myself to not take college for granted because it's nothing like High School and that you need to do well in class and not lose focus. When you lose focus you could lose your HOPE like I did and now I'm trying to play catch up and paying for school out of my pocket or taking out loans.