School of Visual Arts Top Questions

Describe how your school looks to someone who's never seen it.


The School of Visual Arts is a welcoming school that fosters and promotes creativity within all of its students.


A hub for all visual arts in a great location in Manhattan.


SVA is constant power house of creative thinking. It is truly best described with, "it was the best of times, and it was the worst of times." The school is filled with brilliant artists, and it weeds them out as time goes on. Its like survival of the fittest in the a way. People dont see themselves pursuing what they came for, and they quit. Which is sad, because the school and what it brings is truly beautiful, and I think people should turn that challenge into the fuel for their [creative] fire.


Can't believe I get to study here.


A warm loving and beautiful place


it's a small art school with very interesting and determined classmates and teacher that really love making or exploring art.


The School of Visual Arts (SVA) offers the budding artist an impressive arrary of majors whereby one can learn, refine, and discover artistic talent and skill under the instruction of professionally active artists in the heart of New York, a global city of worlwide influence.


SVA is a great art school, one of the cheaper ones around, it has wonderful art-scene immersed faculty who are all working artists and great technology and spaces to help create your art.


Constantly motivated to procure and spread innovate knowledge to the faculty, students, and society in general by educating the artists and designers of the world.


SVA: School of Vicious Adoration.


I think that SVA is a wonderful place for students who are motivated and inspired artist; with so much talent and love for what we do it is hard not to do well.


The students are talentless jerks that have no enthusiasm about learning and no tolerance for real hard work and thought. The administration is not helpful when you are just doing regular paperwork type stuff and certianly not when you have any sort of problem that might actually cause them to have to do their job to help you with. Most of the teachers are pompous and disinterested. They do not sympathize with students or offer helpful advice. They seem to not care at all.


A drug infested but very artistic school.


Great place to meet professional artists but students lack creativity and drive.


My school is very culturally diverse, extremely artistic and competitive, and has some of the most incredible teachers in the United States working there; but it does not exactly the most clean buildings, the best food or the nicest dorms.


SVA is Diverse, Liberal Art college and the experience is different depending on your major; It can mostly be thought of as an artsy place that you can explore different mediums and ways of expression in the middle of NYC, an excellent place of inspiritation with its galleries and museums; In my major, Computer Art, it is a more business oriented technical side with alot of emphasis on getting a job but it is also exciting and visually stimulating.


Great school but terrible customer service and lack of social life.


SVA has a lot of good and bad qualities and nothing in the middle.