School of Visual Arts Top Questions

What kind of person should attend this school?


Anyone interested in the arts.


someone who is dedicated to art, and wants to make it into a career


Someone who is interested in seriously pursuing an artistic interest should definitely consider School of Visual Arts. I'm honestly surprised in just how much I have learned in just the past month since I transferred here. In addition, New York City is a place full of countless opportunities and inspiration for a young, aspiring artist. The student should be ready to work hard because the curriculum is pretty intense but the end result is well worth it.


Open minded.hard worker


The kind of individual who should go to the School of Visual Arts, is someone who knows that they will be an amazing artist. They have the their vision, and they follow it. They will pay a lot of money to go to SVA only because they are positive that their passion and knowledge when graduating will land them a job.


A student who is ready to learn more about their world around them and themselves artistically. An ideal student for SVA is someone who is ready to take critiquing on their work to better themselves and to create new experiences.


Anyone that loves art and what know what they want to do with it.


A person who is artistic and knows what they want to go for in their field, knows how to network.


indipendant and motivated and totally sure of what hte want to do.


Someone who would attend SVA has to be calm, open-minded, enthusiastic about their work and their future as an artist and they have to be comfortable in their own skin with a thick shell when it comes to criticism about their work from teachers or peers.


Artist types.


Anyone interested in a art based career.


A Student interested in art, performing arts, film, graphic design, painting, sculpting, drawing, illustration, and art history should attend this school.