School of Visual Arts Top Questions

What kind of person should not attend this school?


Someone who is stubborn and set in their ways about art will not succeed in this school. If you cannot take constructive criticism on your work, you will never learn to become a better artist. Students must allow their instructors to bestow years of artistic knowledge onto them.


Who loves art and willing to explore deeper within yourself and work hard.


Anyone who isnt intersted in learning about thinking in another way. If you strictly believe in your ideas its going to be hard to pay attention to what your professors might be teaching.


A person who has no interest in visual arts, including interior design, is not fit for attending the School of Visual Arts. If you aren't fully dedicated to your line of work, or are unsure about your field of visual arts then take time out before applying.


this school is for very creative and artictic students that have more than talent to contribute to the school. this school shouldn't be for those who aren't sure about presuing a art profession. it's a small school, so students must be very serious about enrolling in if want to have a chance becoming one of the few how wish to join.


I feel that the School of Visual Arts could be fun for almost anyone. The only exceptions I see are those who are very rigid and/or conservative in their beliefs and can't think abstractly. This would limit one's appreciation for the course material and requirements.


Well since it is an art school I would say someone who has no interest in art or anything artistic. The school is vastly liberal so someone with conservative views might not fit in too well. Although politics isnt a big thing at the school there are alot of students with "alternative lifestyles"


People whose not sure of what they want to learn shouldn't attend this school. You need to have a passion for the major that you choose.


Someone who really likes the country and the outdoors, someone who doesn't like to spend much money (Art supplies/living in the city cost a lot), someone who isn't fully committed to their art and putting time into it.


This is school for people who definitely want a change in career from what they're use to. It will give people the chance and opportunity to develope and hone a new trade skill along with showing their creativity and ideas.


Not academics. It depends on the major you pick. The people that are happier and are into fashion should go toward the design majors, but those with who are anti-social and sort of not hygenic tend to go into the technical arts, and those who party all the time and want to emulate Woody Allen tend to go into the fine arts. I wouldn't come to this school unless you grew up in a creative environment with at least one person in your family that was an artist.


People who are lazy and reluctant to put in long hours to achieve good work. People who are financially in trouble.