School of Visual Arts Top Questions

What's the one thing you wish someone had told you about freshman year?


The importance of being social and building relationships with people that will carry on as networking opportunities. Since I was young I would just focus on my studies and sometimes that would hinder my succees. Especially since I am in a fairly independent field doing what I love, it is important to be yourself and for people to trust your character. I think this will be that extra push that I need to take advantage of every opportunity that comes at me now and in the professional field.


i wish i knew what supplies i would need for me major, i found out during the school year. i think by telling me ahead of time i would be more prepared


I wish I knew more about the Honors Program before commiting to it. Also that you dont get a real scholarship until the 3rd year.


I wish I had known more computer programs as well as artists.


I wish I had known that there would be a lot of walking to get from building to building within the SVA campus. I was late to my first orientation meeting because I underestimated the distance between my dorm and the aforementioned building.


Honestly I wish I've had done a little more research, being that I could get a better sense of the curriculum and certain extra-curricular programs, such as their Honors program, that has many benefits torwards the students. By giving highschool graduates, who know exactly what they want to do in the future, more information on all types of scholarships and financial aid will help them be even more prepared once they decide to attend the university/college.


Half the girls in this school are lesbiens and most are extremely unattractive. As a weight lifter I do not fit in due to the fact that I don't smoke weed 24/7 and belong to a click where people get together and do that crap. So if you guys are lookin for a hot college girl friend, try else where.


Anime style drawing is not very welcomed in animation department, but it's tolerated to some extend if you do good work.


Nothing. I love this school, and was fully prepared.


SVA is a private school and it's staff are not as helpful as I have experienced in my Community College. They put more responsibility on the student and sometimes they give you the runaround. Like any school their advisors are also subpar and you should really research what you are getting yourself into. Be smart and shop around for the best classes and teachers. Also take experimental classes because the different materials and subjects enhances your future career.


I wish I had known how hard it would be to live here with my economic situation. Everything in NYC is extremely expensive thus making it very difficult to live here and be an artist. I wish that I had worked more throughout highschool and saved my earnings .


That I shouldn't have attended my second choice first and that the expenses I pay are well worth the education I 'm getting at SVA, despite the financial issues later in life..


there is nothing that I can think of